Why Are White Women Fighting So Hard For Abortion in this Interracial Dispensation?

Interracial Marriage

White women have always been at the forefront of change. It was the white woman and black man that first went to court to make marriage between them legal. It was the white woman who was responsible for removing prayer from schools and it was the white woman that was responsible for abortion clinics in the first place. The difference today is the motivation.

The white woman responsible, initially, for abortion was behind a plan to eradicate their black people problem in America. This white woman did not know that by placing abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, it actually back fired. White women could discreetly leave their neighborhoods and get an abortion and then go back to their white neighborhoods without anyone the wiser. The census exposed them.

White birth rates showed declining numbers. Fertility problems were blamed, but the truth is that millions of white babies died within white…

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