The Cost of White Supremacy: Police let off 870 sex offenders including five child rapists without punishment or a criminal record ‘because they said sorry’

Interracial Marriage

Victims, such as Rotherham child sex abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse, 36, have vented their fury at the controversial ‘community resolution’ orders

Hundreds of sex offenders are avoiding criminal records by ‘saying sorry.’ Police units across UK have allowed rapists, flashers and more to escape justice. Under a ‘community resolution order’ sex pests can admit guilt and apologise. Survivors and campaigners have blasted the controversial law as a ‘disgrace.’ Read more

The US has the same problem where white men who predominantly comment sex crimes to both white and black women are not given jail time. These laws to decriminalize sex offenders is deigned to protect white men. This is the cost of white supremacy. It is a system of injustice. If black men headed the production of child pornography and  had the resources to ship women from other countries for sex trafficking, then the laws would have a minimum of ten year sentences.


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