Nolte: Big Cuts Expected at Flailing CNN+

“Investment in CNN+, the streaming service launched two weeks ago, is expected to be cut dramatically in response to low adoption,” reports the far-left Axios.

“The new company leadership has yet to decide the fate of CNN+. CNN’s new chief, Chris Licht, starts May 1,” the report adds.

There are only two words there that matter, and those words would be “low” and “adoption.”

To which, please allow me to add my own two words: a “tee” and a “hee.”

Now that Discover and WarnerMedia have merged into Warner Bros. Discovery, a whole new regime is in charge of CNNLOL, and if there are any adults over at the new company, CNN and the lying, violent pigs who work there are in for a reckoning.

Regardless, what could bring more joy to the hearts of righteous men everywhere than bad news for the lying, violent pigs at CNN?

What a beautiful morning this is! The sky is blue. The air is clean. A family of deer just loped through my yard, and the bluebirds are singing as they bring me breakfast on a silver tray.

Yes, now that Americans have snapped out of the media manipulation behind the war in Ukraine, CNNLOL’s ratings have slipped back to where they belong (in the toilet), and CNN+ is the very disaster we all knew it would be.

No one watches CNN. But CNN is so arrogant, so eager to pose as a force, disgraced former CNN chief Jeff Zucker still launched CNN+.

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