Calgary-based Russian Orthodox church vandalized in potential payback for Ukraine invasion

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — A Russian Orthodox church in Calgary, Alberta, has been vandalized with red paint in what could be a vindictive act over Russia’s war against Ukraine.

CTV news reported that the incident took place shortly after a Saturday evening service at All-Saints Russian Orthodox Church.

CCTV captured the moment a man climbed over the fence to get onto church grounds, and after unsuccessfully attempting to open the church’s locked front door, dumped red paint on it and on the steps in front.

Fr. Dmitry Grygoryev, the parish priest of the vandalized church, told CTV News he believes it was done by someone expressing anger over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“I feel very sorry for this guy,” said Grygoryev. “I kind of understand his motivation. He probably feels pain of all the situation, the political situation, that is happening in Ukraine right now and was probably just trying to express his emotions.”

“But, again, church is outside of politics,” he added.

The priest told CTV News that about 30% of the members at All-Saints church are Ukrainian and that he himself was “born and raised in Ukraine before going to school in Russia.”

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