Disgusted Parents Say They Heard About Elementary School Science Camp’s Progressive Sleeping Arrangements Three Nights Too Late

A group of parents from a California elementary school are outraged after discovering that a school science camp allowed male counselors to sleep in the same room with 10-year-old girls.

The parents of students from Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos are blasting the Los Alamitos Unified School District because they were not told that their little girls would be sleeping in the same room with counselors who claim to be “non-binary” or transgender during the science camp at Camp Pali in San Bernardino County, according to KTLA.

“No parent should feel the way I feel after knowing what could have happened to my daughter,” parent Suzy Johnson said.

Johnson and other parents said that they didn’t know until the camp was over that biological males who have demanded to be addressed as “they/them” spent three nights sleeping with the 10 and 11-year-old girls.

“I contacted the school and asked them if they were able to confirm that there was not a man actually sleeping in the same cabin as the girls. They were not able to confirm that,” parent Rachel Sandoval added.

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