False Accuser: Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth


Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth made 10 police statements claiming her ex was harassing and stalking her. (Reach)

>Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth and her boyfriend (Mr. Jolly) were together for 2 years but split up on “okay terms” in 2019.

>Courtney began seeing a new man called Declan Rice

>Presumably not over the break up with Mr. Jolly, she began manipulating the system to frame him

>She created 30 false profiles, sent vile messages utilizing those fake profiles, and told police that Mr. Jolly was the one sending them to her.

>She made 10 police statements, claiming he was harrassing and stalking her. Which resulted in him being arrested 6 times and spending 81 hours in custody.

>He was charged with stalking and assault. He was hit with a stalking protection order.

>He was bailed on a home curfew with an electronic tag, and lost his job.

>Prosecutor, Paul Blasberry, said she made numerous calls to police from July 15 to December 13, 2020. And she provided screenshots ofmessages and…

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