Arab Islamic Racism: France: Muslims barrage black Zemmour activist with racist messages, ‘Wallah, we’re going to behead you

‘House n****r,’ ‘Wallah, we’re going to behead you’: an activist for Eric Zemmour harassed and threatened,” translated from “« Nègre de maison », « Wallah on va te décapiter » : un militant d’Éric Zemmour harcelé et menacé,” Valeurs Actuelles, December 6, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

The threats have been increasing for a month. As reported by Le Figaro, the threat has escalated to a notch for Tanguy David, a declared supporter of Eric Zemmour, since he attended his meetings. In question? His skin color. Because in several images of the meeting held by the essayist in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Sunday, December 5, the young law student and head of a local Generation Z branch was seen behind the candidate. Obviously, his skin color and his political commitment do not mix.

On social networks, as early as October during Eric Zemmour’s first meetings, hateful and insulting messages poured in, such as “This n***a doing what here”, “But n***a, is there a problem? “Sunday, in Villepinte, Internet users insulted him as “sold” and “house n****r.” Other hateful messages threaten him with death, details Le Figaro: “Wallah, we’re going to behead you,” or “Your family in the village must be ashamed of you.” Some go further and swear to “find him.”

“Those who are embarrassed by my presence can leave”

On the evening of Sunday, the young activist also spoke on social networks to denounce this torrent of hatred. “The black man behind Zemmour was me. And I am proud. What fervor, what atmosphere, what awe-inspiring Éric Zemmour. Those who are embarrassed by my presence can leave, France will do without them.” Supported by many internet users this time around, he was once again insulted. In Le Figaro, he explains having received more than 3,000 racist or threatening messages. “I didn’t actually expect that, especially when I was threatened with beheading,” he admits.

In the past, Tanguy David had been reluctant to file a complaint, but he says all messages received will be the subject of a complaint. Guest of “Don’t touch my post!” ”On C8 Monday evening December 6, he will give new explanations. “I have been experiencing a surge of hatred for hours,” he emphasizes. He deems this “unacceptable hate campaign” and wants only one thing now, to stop it.

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