Princess Martha Louise of Norway and Shaman Durek reveal they have received DEATH THREATS over their interracial relationship

Interracial Marriage

The couple, who have been dating since 2019, made their first joint American television appearance on the Tamron Hall Show on Friday.Martha Louise reflected on their instant spiritual connection, saying meeting Durek was ‘like finding an old friend.’

Durek is a Los Angeles-based spiritual guide and healer, whose celebrity following includes Gwyneth Paltrow andNina Dobrev.

The royal explained that their bond and long phone calls are what helped them get through their months-long separation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Martha Louise and Durek confirmed that they’ve received harsh criticism and even death threats because of their interracial relationship.The shaman admitted the public outcry was so difficult that Martha Louise told him he should leave her if it was too much for him.

However, he insisted that their love ‘can withstand anything.’

White supremacy is clearly at work and the death threats in 2021 reveal the difficult task of bridging the gap…

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