Marvel’s Eternals: White Supremacist Flex

Interracial Marriage

It is too late in the day for black men to be used as female pawns. Clearly, this was created by a white supremacists working to feminize the black man.

In love: At one point during the film, the Phastos and his husband share a passionate kiss. It will be Marvel’s first same-sex kiss shown in cinemas (Brian Tyree Henry, Haaz Sleiman).

Marvel does not have an interracial first kiss, but finds an opportunity for two black men to become one in a passionate kiss? You already know this is propaganda.

Etertnals, has been banned by several countries in the Middle East over the portrayal of two homosexual black men.  The Middle East is not falling for the propaganda.

White supremacy is diabolical. I understand there need to feminize the black man. They grow weary of the below relationships:

For some reason Hollywood cannot find time to put these relationships on…

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