Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) Meets Critical Race Theory (CRT) Interracial Style

Interracial Marriage

All across the United States the wrestle to maintain the system of white supremacy continues. The strategies that have formed to overthrow the system is continually met with with systemic resistance. The refusal to pay reparations to Black American Slave Descendants calls for new strategies to close the increasing wealth gap between black and white American citizens.

The latest strategy is culturally responsive teaching and critical race theory. Both work toward enlightening the younger generation as the older generation perpetuates the white supremacist system. Cultural Responsive Teaching (CRT) is a teaching strategy that calls for teachers to use examples that are without racial bias. For example, you may have seen behavior charts in schools that are color coded with different children for each behavior. Red is anger. Represented by a black kid. Blue is good. Represented by a white kid. A cultural responsive teacher would use a color coded system…

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