What Happens When White Women Become The Face Of Interracial Marriage

Interracial Marriage

While universal beauty exists and we can surely find attractive women in every race and ethnicity the standard of beauty is usually determined by wealth. The richest people of society will always be the most attractive. Money adds a certain level of beauty to ones framework. Since the origins of American life the white woman has been elevated as the most attractive and desirable woman. When you look at Japanese animation the attractive cartoon girls have European features. Miss America pageants were the gold standard of defining beauty. There was even a “Rule 7,” abandoned in 1940, that stated that Miss America contestants had to be “of good health and of the white race.” Fox News known for its white supremacy pushes this narrative the farthest.

Many of these women have aged out, but the model has not changed: Everyone knows the Fox News news white woman carbon copy…

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