Missing White Woman Syndrome

Interracial Marriage

People are complaining that the case (Gabby Petito) captivated the nation because of the slain woman’s skin color. It is her skin color that makes interracial relationships with black men and white women so magnetic. It could also be behind her fiancés alleged rage over her cell phone use. She is a 21 year old woman and it is not far fetched that she may have not been faithful.

In any case, this case also reveals how white supremacists stay on code. Look at the pictures they show of this white male suspect and can you imagine if he was black? They would not be showing affectionate pictures of him and her together like they are doing right now.

This is white supremacy on code and how the media controls the white narrative. Its a simple code. Never show white men in comprising positions. If the alleged criminal is a…

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