According to the Queen of White Supremacy Lana Lokteff say’s White Supremacy Does Not Exist

Interracial Marriage

Lana Lokteff, a co-host at the web-based white nationalist radio station Red Ice, is encouraging listeners to embrace so-called “ethno-nationalism,” which is a term used to describe an agenda that wields the powers of the state to enforce white supermajorities and systemically discriminates against black people. Her platform on Red Ice is designed to encourage white listeners to think outside the box and practice white supremacy more strategically. The Queen of White Supremacy hates interracial couples and has made it her mission to root them all out by empowering white supremacists and stoking ‘white rage.’ The same white rage that the US military Chief of Staff wants his military personnel to learn all about.

This type of propaganda targets the simple. Because the simple are the only ones that will actually commit violence on black people. They are the only ones that can be easily angered and in their simplicity…

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