Ashraf Alareed: “Slay them one by one; make the land a graveyard for their youths”

Ashraf Alareed (اشرف العريض) is a pro-Palestinian activist residing in Oakville, Onatrio. Self-employed as a commercial and residential painter Alareed also serves in the position of a Media Manger at SAV Canada-Syrian Community. Alareed is an outspoken supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada.

On April 29, 2021 Ashraf Alareed posted on Facebook (originally in Arabic):

O Allah! Count their number, and slay them one by one, and spare not one of them, and make the land of resurrection and gathering (on judgment day) a graveyard for their youths and heartbreaks for their women (say: ameen)

Alareed’s prayer to Allah came after three consecutive Facebook posts (ABC) in which he summarized media reports and commented on the stampede at a religious festival in Israel that claimed the lives of 45 orthodox Jews.

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Ashraf Alareed: “Slay them one by one; make the land a graveyard for their youths” (

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