A Simp with Oneitis married a niqab wearing woman without seeing her face

islamic marriages makes non muslim men into simps and betas with no backbone

A couple got married four years after they first met without the husband ever seeing his wife’s face because of her niqaab.

Mubina Mustafa, 28, from Pickering, Ontario, and Mehdi Isa Arathoon, 27, were in the same class at university, but he was a Christian and she was a Muslim, so even helping each other with their studies was frowned upon by their strict families.

It wasn’t until he began dating someone else, that Mubina – who had never even been friends with a man who wasn’t family – realised she had feelings for her former classmate.

The couple couldn’t date unless they were going to marry, and they couldn’t marry unless he became Muslim.

So smitten Medhi took a leap of faith and converted to Islam and proposed to Mubina two months later.

It wasn’t until after the ceremony that Mehdi saw underneath the niqaab – or face veil – Mubina wears in front of everyone, apart from her husband and family.

Muslim woman’s husband married her without EVER seeing her face due to niqab | Daily Mail Online

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