Father pulls daughter out of NYC’s exclusive $53,000-a-year Brearley School over AntiRacism Training

Interracial Marriage

Andrew Gutmann penned a scathing letter against The Brearley School, an all-girls school in Manhattan where fees are $53,000-a-year, which he sent to more than 600 other parents. The school was teaching an antiracism course that he believed would encourage his daughter to marry a black man. This idea sent chills down his spine and he immediately took her out of the school. He thought by spending so much money on tuition that he could eliminate any chance that his daughter would end up in the arms of a black man. He did not want his daughter reflecting on current racial societal issues that affect her and the other children within the school. He simply wanted the school to indoctrinate whiteness, like it did in the 90’s.

He is well aware of the interracial movement taking place in America and it concerns him deeply. He is well aware that society…

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