Situation Update, Jan 9, 2021 – Emergency red alert America descending into WAR

America is descending into total war, with Big Tech, Big Media and the deep state now merging into a single authoritarian regime that’s being weaponized against all conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters.

The massive purge is on. Too many examples to name, but here’s a start:

  • Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn, Trump staffers, CodeMonkeyZ and others permanently banned from Twitter.
  • Apple and Google have already yanked Parler from their app stores, to prohibit people from using Parler on their mobile devices.
  • Amazon AWS, the computing infrastructure system, has announced they are deplatforming Parler today.
  • Delta Airlines lands a plane and boots two female passengers for them having a private conversation that supported Trump, during the flight. You cannot even talk about Trump anymore!
  • Corporate media now conspiring with the FBI to seek out and arrest all capitol protesters (they said nothing about the BLM / Antifa protests).
  • Lincoln Project calls for all Trump staffers to be blacklisted from every having jobs anywhere in corporate America.
  • John Brennan calls for nationwide public humiliation of all Trump supporters.
  • Dems introduce flurry of new anti-gun laws to take away guns from conservatives, as a run-up to mass genocide and government coordinated executions of all conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters.

Today we’ve published two podcasts for January 9th. See them both below.

The highlights from these podcasts:

  • We are now living in Orwell’s 1984.
  • Big Tech goes full Marxist. Total “thought police” purge. Completely illegal. Acts of war against America.
  • Confirmed that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was stolen during the capitol raids.
  • The raids may have been designed to acquire laptops and hard drives from Pelosi and Schumer. This is why Pelosi is losing her mind in a “goat bitch rage” to try to remove Trump from office immediately.
  • More Antifa / BLM identified leading the raid on the capitol building, which means Antifa thought they were hijacking the event, but actually undercover DoD personnel were hijacking Antifa’s hijacking. (Because DoD agents have infiltrated Antifa for a long time now.)
  • NORAD goes active to defend against possibility of nuclear war.
  • Impeachment process to begin Monday, but the Senate won’t vote to convict because McConnell is trying to salvage the reputation of the GOP.
  • Glenn Greenwald: “A handful of Silicon Valley oligarchs decide who can and cannot be heard, including the President of the United States. They exert this power unilaterally, with no standards, accountability or appeal.”
  • Left-wing rioters labeled “heroes.” Right-wing protesters labeled “terrorists.”
  • Explanation of “GIANT VOICE” military communications systems for carrying emergency alerts.
  • Why the GOP hates its own voters (and the GOP is finished).
  • Walk Away movement deleted from Facebook. Total purge under way.
  • Rumor of China offering 250,000 troops to protect Biden’s inauguration (unconfirmed, possible disinfo).
  • Biden prepared to crank up the printing presses in the final blowout looting of America, with trillions to be handed out to Dem cities and states.

NOTE: Brighteon is under an extremely heavy load right now and videos may not reliably play or appear below. You may have to re-try a few minutes later.

Situation Update, Jan 9, 2021 – Emergency red alert America descending into WAR –

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