Cancel Culture in Buddhism

The Cancel Culture Buddhists

Well,  they have done a typically vicious job in trying to repress my book, and attempting to cancel me as a person, and a whistle blower;  these ‘compassionate’ Buddhists who claim to represent ‘enlightened feminism.”

Why would they do this, you say?  Since I was the first, (despite what the authors of Sogyal abuse exposes say) to reveal in my book Sogyal’s decades of  abuses and cover-ups by the same inner circle who is trying to shut me up, now. Before the proverbial hit the fan for Sogyal,  for the third time, during the #MeToo Movement.

 Before these Tibetan ‘Buddhists’  had permission from the Dalai Lama, their guru master,  to publish their own books.

So why try to keep me quiet? Since they know, or should,  that these same Lamas,  when still in Tibet, would have cut out my tongue and thrown me in the river in a cloth sack to drown, to be able to say they ‘didn’t kill me, the river did.”

 Instead, they have their  inner circle  devotees, like Finnegan and Company,  try and kill me off, so their Lamas could seem innocent of the act. Tibetan Lamas, and their most fanatic devotees, pretending to be just ordinary Buddhists, have taken vows to obey their own Lamas in all things.

Cancel Culture in Buddhism – The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism (