Daughter: Interracial marriage at heart of million-dollar lawsuit

Interracial Marriage

The daughter of pachinko mogul Chang-Woo Han, one of Japan’s 50 richest businessmen, has launched proceedings at the District Court of Guam in an effort to build her case against her father’s lawsuit.

Marina Haba alleges her father’s lawsuit for the immediate return of a 480 million-yen loan, about $4.6 million, is grounded in his disapproval of her marriage to Joe Wallace, an African-American professional basketball player, according to court documents.

“My father did not approve of my relationship with Joe. He never has,” she states in court documents. “My father has made it plain that he does not approve of my relationship with a black man.”

Han, chief executive officer of Maruhan Co. Ltd., which has a subsidiary in Guam, is also trying to reclaim company shares he gave her years ago “without condition,” court documents state.

Rodney J. Jacob of Calvo Fisher & Jacob LLP filed the application at…

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