Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order


Thousands of medical doctors call the pandemic a global crime, and a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.

Two years before Covid-19 came to the global scene, the European Union, the USA, China and other nations suddenly started exporting tens of millions of test kits for Covid-19.

In 2013 a musician predicts a global pandemic with a coronavirus and says this will happen in 2020. He knew this because of personal investigation of so called ‘conspiracy theories’.

In 2017 Anthony Fauci guaranteed a surprise outbreak of an infectious disease during the first term of the Trump administration.

Right before the outbreak of a coronavirus pandemic, Bill Gates organized a global coronavirus pandemic exercise: Event201.

Right before the outbreak the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board told the world to be ready for a coronavirus pandemic.

In 2018 the Institute for Disease Modeling announced a global pandemic with a flu virus, originating in China in the area of Wuhan.

In 2018 Bill and Melinda Gates announced that in the coming years there would be a global pandemic of an engineered virus.

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was created in the Bio Safety Lab Level 4 in Wuhan, which received millions of dollars from Anthony Fauci.

Several movies depicted the coronavirus pandemic with great detail, and even mention hydroxychloroquine as the cure.

The Summer Olympics in 2012 played a pandemic of a coronavirus during their opening show.

The investigative journalist Harry Vox predicted in 2014 that a global pandemic would be caused, so the ‘ruling class’ could implement a higher level of authoritarian control.

The investigative journalist Anthony Patch predicted a global pandemic with a man made virus, that would be used to force a DNA altering vaccine on humanity.

Dr. Carrie Madej studied DNA and vaccines for decades and says the plan is to use the Covid-19 vaccine to start the process of transhumanism: reprogramming the human DNA.

The CIA officer Dr. John Coleman studied secret societies and says their goal is to depopulate the earth by means of organized pandemics of fatal rapid acting diseases.

In the state of Georgia a huge monument was erected in 1980 with ten guidelines for humanity, in eight languages. The first of these ‘Ten Commandments’ is that humanity needs to be reduced to half a billion people.

Bill Gates said during a TED talk that new vaccines can be used to reduce the world’s population with 10-15%.

The ‘health ranger’ Mike Adams predicted years ago what we see happening now: the release of an engineered bioweapon, followed by a vaccine mandate, massive government funding for the vaccine industry and a vaccine that is being developed in record time. He also predicted that this vaccine will kill innumerable people over the course of a couple of years.

In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation published the ‘Scenario for the future…’ in which they describe a coming global pandemic, that should result in the implementation of authoritarian control over the people, which will then intensify after the pandemic.

In 2020 they publish a handbook on how to create this world of control, with a step by step guide. They say life cannot return back to normal, until the world has become ‘Locked Down’ with this top down control from authoritarian governments.

We indeed see that Bill Gates and many others worldwide are right away seizing control in unprecedented ways, with enforcing vaccine ID’s, microchips that will be implanted into people, mandating the wearing of face masks, social distancing, forced lock-downs, extreme contact tracing, and so on.

Part of this top down control is extreme censoring of every single voice from doctors, scientists or other experts that criticize what is going on.


Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order

Sri Lanka: Qatar Charity funded Hizbullah for terrorism activities: CID

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) today informed Fort Magistrate’s Court that an illegal entity in Qatar by the name ‘Qatar Charity’ had credited Rs.13mn to ‘Save the Pearl’ organisation belonging to the detained lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah for ‘terrorist activities’.

The CID said the organization ‘Qatar Charity’ had funded to construct a building for Save the Pearls, and therefore they were investigating the charity arm. Meanwhile, the CID informed Court that “Qatar Charity” is a terrorist funding organisation and said that offences relating to funding terrorism were being probed by them.

Meanwhile, Counsel representing Mr. Hizbullah told court that a simple search on Google would have cleared any ambiguity as to what “Qatar Charity” was. He said the Charity works closely with the Sri Lankan government, the United Nations and UNICEF and many other international organistions.

The counsel said that ‘Qatar Charity’ is the main charitable arm of the Emir of Qatar and that even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Doha worked closely with “Qatar Charity”. He also said the organisation is on a terror list in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) due to prevailing diplomatic stand-off between KSA and Qatar.

The Counsel further said the CID had no evidence against Mr. Hizbullah and the fact that they have named the “Qatar Charity” as a terror entity is a further evidence to show the case against him was fabricated.

The CID said they had concluded the investigation and sent the file to the Attorney General and that the TID was further investigating links with the so-called ‘Qatar Charity.’

The matter is to be taken up before the Fort Magistrates Court on October 7. Farman Cassim PC with Hafeel Fareez and Dhanushan Ganeshayogan appeared for Mr. Hizbullah. (Yoshitha Perera)



We should support black women marrying white men

We should support black women marrying white men

Author: Will F Hunter

As we move forward with the New Society agenda, what those of you who are down (or at least CLAIM to be) need to realize is that the black woman is for the white man’s pleasure and his purpose.

I’ve seen a lot of you showcase a whole lot of resentment toward black female/white male relationships and I’m here to tell you, you’re being mad FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. Black women were NEVER HERE for black men to begin with. This was the social contract that was established the DAY they were brought on these shores as slaves. Understand this, THE WHITE MAN IS THE DOMINANT ALPHA MALE IN THIS SOCIETY — THE WHOLE WORLD, IN FACT. He will ALWAYS be first choice, he will ALWAYS get the most deferential treatment, he will ALWAYS be the one whose looks are most desired. Those are the perks that come with WINNING. And yeah black man, you can puff yourself up talking about your melanin, your athleticism, your rhythm, your swag, and your “endowment” but trust me, none of that means SQUAT because you are the LEAST powerful man in the world.

It’s NOTHING to be salty about, it should only serve as motivation for YOU to make YOURSELF a winner. So, with that being said, we need to AGGRESSIVELY promote black women going with white men to their hearts content. It’s quite obvious that’s who they prefer the most because without fail black females always be on their BEST behavior when dealing with white men and they NEVER give them any of the drama or baggage they give us. People should always get with those who make them be the best version of themselves and it’s clear the black woman can NOT do that with the black man. And gentlemen, THAT SHOULD NOT BOTHER YOU WHATSOEVER.

These women have shown time and time again that they are of NO use to us whatsoever. Between their obesity, their horrid attitudes, their lust for Pookie, and their general tendency to undermine us, it’s nothing but plain SIMPING to be feeling territorial over them dealing with non-black men. The ONLY thing the daggle can do for the New Society is breed herself out of existence. This is why we ALWAYS promote white men and other non-black men being with black females. They’re doing US a favor. The New Society IS NOT ABOUT PRESERVING MELANIN, IT’S ABOUT GAINING POWER.

There is NO future in the daggle….non-black women are the ONLY way we educated and productive black men will have the righteous, wholesome families, communities, and cultures we rightfully deserve. The daggle is nothing…..you can’t miss nothing. Let her go and DON’T LOOK BACK.


Rand Corporation and Nagorno Karabakh

All the death and destruction happening in #NagornoKarabakh right now is just the US following the recommendations of the Rand Corporation to overextend Russia.


Joe Biden Exploited S-Corporation Loophole to Avoid Payroll Tax

The establishment media is all aflutter Monday after a New York Times story over the weekend about incumbent GOP President Donald Trump’s tax records, but it turns out Democrat candidate former Vice President Joe Biden used a series of tax code loopholes to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes over the years.

Back in August, the Wall Street Journal’s Chris Jacobs exposed how the Biden family structured what is called an “S-Corp” to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

“How the Bidens Dodged the Payroll Tax,” was Jacobs’ headline on Aug. 10.

In it, the Journal details how the Bidens set up an S-Corporation to avoid paying more than half a million dollars in taxes they would have otherwise owed.

“Joe Biden responded to President Trump’s partial suspension of payroll-tax collections with a statement calling it the ‘first shot in a new, reckless war on Social Security,’” Jacobs wrote. He continued: “‘Our seniors and millions of Americans with disabilities are under enough stress without Trump putting their hard-earned Social Security benefits in doubt.’ Mr. Biden’s objections might be more persuasive had he and his wife, Jill, not gone out of their way to avoid funding seniors’ entitlement benefits. According to their tax returns, in 2017 and 2018 the Bidens and his wife Jill avoided payroll taxes on nearly $13.3 million in income from book royalties and speaking fees. They did so by classifying the income as S-corporation profits rather than taxable wages.”

Jacobs continued in his expose by noting the corporation the Bidens established to avoid paying the payroll taxes on millions of dollars in income amounts to more than half a million dollars in taxes that Joe and Jill Biden did not pay.

“According to the Urban Institute, a couple featuring one high earner and one average earner, retiring this year, will have paid a total of $209,000 in Medicare taxes during their working lives,” Jacobs wrote. “The Bidens avoided paying nearly twice that much in Medicare taxes during two years. The maximum payroll tax affected by Mr. Trump’s suspension is $1,984—less than 1/250th of the amount the Bidens avoided in 2017-18. The Bidens didn’t avoid any Social Security tax, which applied only to the first $127,200 of income in 2017 and $128,400 in 2018. But they would under Mr. Biden’s tax plan, which would impose the 12.4% Social Security tax on income over $400,000; the same loophole he used in 2017-18 would shield him from his own tax. And how can Mr. Biden claim to protect Medicare and ObamaCare when he avoided more than $500,000 in taxes that fund the two programs? The media have largely ignored the Bidens’ accounting legerdemain, fixating on Mr. Trump’s tax returns instead. But at least the president isn’t looking to raise taxes on everyone else.”

The Wall Street Journal is hardly the only outlet to illustrate how the Bidens used this tax code loophole of creating an S-Corporation to save themselves from paying hundreds of thousands—perhaps now millions—of dollars in taxes over the years.

CNBC’s Darla Mercado in 2019 wrote about it explaining to her readers how they can use the same loopholes Biden did to avoid paying their taxes.



Ireland’s National Virus Reference Laboratory has no records describing “how the Novel Coronavirus was purified“


The above letter is also available here: Research summary and debunk regarding the existence of “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19“: https://steemit.com/health/@johnblaid/research-summary-and-debunk-regarding-the-existence-of-sars-cov-2-and-covid-19