BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA

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WHO Primer

This was important enough that I wanted to get it out immediately. My research into the NCBI database for nucleotide sequences has lead to a stunning discovery. One of the WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA!

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Leviticus 22-23

22:1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

22:2 Speak to Aaron and to his sons, and let them take heed concerning the holy things of the children of Israel, so they shall not profane my holy name in any of the things which they consecrate to me: I [am] the Lord.

22:3 Say to them, Every man throughout your generations, whoever of all your seed shall approach to the holy things, whatsoever the children of Israel shall consecrate to the Lord, while his uncleanness is upon him, that soul shall be cut off from me: I [am] the Lord your God.

22:4 And the man of the seed of Aaron the priest, if he should have leprosy or issue of the reins, shall not eat of the holy things, until he be cleansed; and he that touches any uncleanness of a dead body, or the man whose seed of copulation shall have gone out from him,

22:5 or whosoever shall touch any unclean reptile, which will defile him, or [who shall touch] a man, whereby he shall defile him according to all his uncleanness:

22:6 whatsoever soul shall touch them shall be unclean until evening; he shall not eat of the holy things, unless he bathe his body in water,

22:7 and the sun go down, and then he shall be clean; and then shall he eat of all the holy things, for they are his bread.

22:8 He shall not eat that which dies of itself, or is taken of beasts, so that he should be polluted by them: I [am] the Lord.

22:9 And they shall keep my ordinances, that they do not bear iniquity because of them, and die because of them, if they shall profane them: I [am] the Lord God that sanctifies them.

22:10 And no stranger shall eat the holy things: one that sojourns with a priest, or a hireling, shall not eat the holy things.

22:11 But if a priest should have a soul purchased for money, he shall eat of his bread; and they that are born in his house, they also shall eat of his bread.

22:12 And if the daughter of a priest should marry a stranger, she shall not eat of te offerings of the sanctuary.

22:13 And if the daughter of priest should be a widow, or put away, and have no seed, she shall return to her father’s house, as in her youth: she shall eat of her father’s bread, but no stranger shall eat of it.

22:14 And the man who shall ignorantly eat holy things, shall add the fifth part to it, and give the holy thing to the priest.

22:15 And they shall not profane the holy things of the children of Israel, which they offer to the Lord.

22:16 So should they bring upon themselves the iniquity of trespass in their eating their holy things: for I [am] the Lord that sanctifies them.

22:17 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

22:18 Speak to Aaron and his sons, and to all the congregation of Israel, and thou shalt say to them, Any man of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that abide among them in Israel, who shall offer his gifts according to all their confession and according to all their choice, whatsoever they may bring to the Lord for whole-burnt-offerings–

22:19 your free-will-offerings [shall] be males without blemish of the herds, or of the sheep, or of the goats.

22:20 They shall not bring to the Lord anything that has a blemish in it, for it shall not be acceptable for you.

22:21 And whatsoever man shall offer a peace-offering to the Lord, discharging a vow, or in the way of free-will-offering, or an offering in your feasts, of the herds or of the sheep, it shall be without blemish for acceptance: there shall be no blemish in it.

22:22 One that is blind, or broken, or has its tongue cut out, or is troubled with warts, or has a malignant ulcer, or tetters, they shall not offer these to the Lord; neither shall ye offer any of them for a burnt-offering on the altar of the Lord.

22:23 And a calf or a sheep with the ears cut off, or that has lost its tail, thou shalt slay them for thyself; but they shall not be accepted for thy vow.

22:24 That which has broken testicles, or is crushed or gelt or mutilated,– thou shalt not offer them to the Lord, neither shall ye sacrifice them upon your land.

22:25 Neither shall ye offer the gifts of your God of all these things by the hand of a stranger, because there is corruption in them, a blemish in them: these shall not be accepted for you.

22:26 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

22:27 As for a calf, or a sheep, or a goat, whenever it is born, then shall it be seven days under its mother; and on the eighth day and after they shall be accepted for sacrifices, a burnt-offering to the Lord.

22:28 And a bullock and a ewe, it and its young, thou shalt not kill in one day.

22:29 And if thou shouldest offer a sacrifice, a vow of rejoicing to the Lord, ye shall offer it so as to be accepted for you.

22:30 In that same day it shall be eaten; ye shall not leave of the flesh till the morrow: I am the Lord.

22:31 And ye shall keep my commandments and do them.

22:32 And ye shall not profane the name of the Holy One, and I will be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel. I [am] the Lord that sanctifies you,

22:33 who brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: I [am] the Lord.


23:1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

23:2 Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say unto them, The feasts of the Lord which ye shall call holy assemblies, these are my feasts.

23:3 Six days shalt thou do works, but on the seventh day is the sabbath; a rest, a holy convocation to the Lord: thou shalt not do any work, it is a sabbath to the Lord in all your dwellings.

23:4 These [are] the feasts to the Lord, holy convocations, which ye shall call in their seasons.

23:5 In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, between the evening times is the Lord’s passover.

23:6 And on the fifteenth day of this month is the feast of unleavened bread to the Lord; seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread.

23:7 And the first day shall be a holy convocation to you: ye shall do no servile work.

23:8 And ye shall offer whole-burnt-offerings to the Lord seven days; and the seventh day shall be a holy convocation to you: ye shall do no servile wok.

23:9 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

23:10 Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them, When ye shall enter into the land which I give you, and reap the harvest of it, then shall ye bring a sheaf, the first-fruits of your harvest, to the priest;

23:11 and he shall lift up the sheaf before the Lord, to be accepted for you. On the morrow of the first day the priest shall lift it up.

23:12 And ye shall offer on the day on which ye bring the sheaf, a lamb without blemish of a year old for a whole-burnt-offering to the Lord.

23:13 And its meat-offering two tenth portions of fine flour mingled with oil: it is a sacrifice to the Lord, a smell of sweet savour to the Lord, and its drink-offering the fourth part of a hin of wine.

23:14 And ye shall not eat bread, or the new parched corn, until this same day, until ye offer the sacrifices to your God: [it is] a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings.

23:15 And ye shall number to yourselves from the day after the sabbath, from the day on which ye shall offer the sheaf of the heave-offering, seven full weeks:

23:16 until the morrow after the last week ye shall number fifty days, and shall bring a new meat-offering to the Lord.

23:17 Ye shall bring from your dwelling loaves, as a heave-offering, two loaves: they shall be of two tenth portions of fine flour, they shall be baked with leaven of the first-fruits to the Lord.

23:18 And ye shall bring with the loaves seven unblemished lambs of a year old, and one calf of the herd, and two rams without blemish, and they shall be a whole-burnt-offering to the Lord: and their meat-offerings and their drink-offerings [shall be] a sacrifice, a smell of sweet savour to the Lord.

23:19 And they shall sacrifice one kid of the goats for a sin-offering, and two lambs of a year old for a peace-offering, with the loaves of the first-fruits.

23:20 And the priest shall place them with the loaves of the first-fruits an offering before the Lord with the two lambs, they shall be holy to the Lord they shall belong to the priest that brings them.

23:21 And ye shall call this day a convocation: it shall be holy to you; ye shall do no servile work on it: it is a perpetual ordinance throughout your generations in all your habitations.

23:22 And when ye shall reap the harvest of your land, ye shall not fully reap the remainder of the harvest of your field when thou reapest, and thou shalt not gather that which falls from thy reaping; thou shalt leave it for the poor and the stranger: I [am] the Lord your God.

23:23 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

23:24 Speak to the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, ye shall have a rest, a memorial of trumpets: it shall be to you a holy convocation.

23:25 Ye shall do no servile work, and ye shall offer a whole-burnt-offering to the Lord.

23:26 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

23:27 Also on the tenth day of this seventh month is a day of atonement: it shall be a holy convocation to you; and ye shall humble your souls, and offer a whole-burnt-offering to the Lord.

23:28 Ye shall do no work on this self-same day: for this is a day of atonement for you, to make atonement for you before the Lord your God.

23:29 Every soul that shall not be humbled in that day, shall be cut off from among its people.

23:30 And every soul which shall do work on that day, that soul shall be destroyed from among its people.

23:31 Ye shall do no manner of work: it is a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your habitations.

23:32 It shall be a holy sabbath to you; and ye shall humble your souls, from the ninth day of the month: from evening to evening ye shall keep your sabbaths.

23:33 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

23:34 Speak to the children of Israel, saying, On the fifteenth day of this seventh month, there shall be a feast of tabernacles seven days to the Lord.

23:35 And on the first day shall be a holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work.

23:36 Seven days shall ye offer whole-burnt-offerings to the Lord, and the eighth-day shall be a holy convocation to you; and ye shall offer whole-burnt-offerings to the Lord: it is a time of release, ye shall do no servile work.

23:37 These [are] the feasts to the Lord, which ye shall call holy convocations, to offer burnt-offerings to the Lord, whole-burnt-offerings and their meat-offerings, and their drink-offerings, that for each day on its day:

23:38 besides the sabbaths of the Lord, and besides your gifts, and besides all your vows, and besides your free-will-offerings, which ye shall give to the Lord.

23:39 And on the fifteenth day of this seventh month, when ye shall have completely gathered in the fruits of the earth, ye shall keep a feast to the Lord seven days; on the first day there shall be a rest, and on the eighth day a rest.

23:40 And on the first day ye shall take goodly fruit of trees, and branches of palm trees, and thick boughs of trees, and willows, and branches of osiers from the brook, to rejoice before the Lord your God seven days in the year.

23:41 [It is] a perpetual statute for your generations: in the seventh month ye shall keep it.

23:42 Seven days ye shall dwell in tabernacles: every native in Israel shall dwell in tents,

23:43 that your posterity may see, that I made the children of Israel to dwell in tents, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt: I [am] the Lord your God.

23:44 And Moses recounted the feasts of the Lord to the children of Israel.

Federal Judge Rules Pa.’s Shutdown Orders Unconstitutional; Wolf Administration Will File Appeal

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – The Wolf administration will try to appeal a federal judge’s ruling saying the governor’s shutdown orders were unconstitutional.

Butler, Fayette, Greene and Washington counties — and some Republican officials like Congressman Mike Kelly and state Reps. Marcie Mustello, Daryl Metcalfe and Tim Bonner — filed a lawsuit against Gov. Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine.

They and several businesses said their constitutional rights were violated. The counties were in the “red” phase when they filed the lawsuit in May, saying the restrictions on businesses and gathering limits were unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, an appointee of President Donald Trump, sided with the plaintiffs. Stickman wrote in his ruling that the Wolf administration’s pandemic policies have been overreaching, arbitrary and violated citizens’ constitutional rights.

The governor’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus “were undertaken with the good intention of addressing a public health emergency,” Stickman wrote. “But even in an emergency, the authority of government is not unfettered.”

A statement from a spokesperson for the governor’s office says the Wolf administration is “disappointed” with Stickman’s ruling and will seek a stay of the decision and file an appeal.

Courts had consistently rejected challenges to Wolf’s power to order businesses to close during the pandemic, and many other governors, Republican and Democrat, undertook similar measures as the virus spread across the country.

“The actions taken by the administration were mirrored by governors across the country and saved, and continue to save lives in the absence of federal action,” says the governor’s office.

Wolf has lifted many of the restrictions since the lawsuit was filed in May, allowing businesses to reopen and canceling a statewide stay-at-home order. But there still are restrictions in place.

Gatherings inside are limited to 25, and gatherings outside are capped at 250. A statewide order also limits indoor dining to 25 percent occupancy and prohibits drinking alcohol unless the drink comes with a meal. However, the Wolf administration announced capacity will be increased to 50 percent on Sept. 21.

“Today’s court ruling is limited to the business closure order and the stay at home orders issued in March and were later suspended, as well as the indoor and outdoor gathering limitations,” the governor’s office says.

“This ruling does not impact any of the other mitigation orders currently in place including, but not limited to the targeted mitigation orders announced in July, mandatory telework, mandatory mask order, worker safety order, and the building safety order.”

Pennsylvania has reported that more than 145,000 people statewide have contracted the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 7,800 people have died.

Federal Judge Rules Pa.’s Shutdown Orders Unconstitutional; Wolf Administration Will File Appeal

‘I Love JK Rowling’ billboard covered-up after Biology Denying activists express outrage

September 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – If you want to know just how far the tentacles of the totalitarian trans movement can reach, consider what happened in Vancouver, Canada over the weekend.

Chris Elston, a fan of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, commissioned a billboard from Pattison Outdoor along with Amy Hamm with the simple slogan “I *heart* J.K. Rowling” in response to a poster with the same words being removed by Network Rail in Scotland. Elston and Hamm had a three-month contract for the billboard.


Elston told Global News that Rowling has been targeted unfairly for her views on transgenderism recently (something I and others have covered extensively for “A woman that has done nothing but express concern for an erosion of women’s rights and medicalization of children who are being taught gender ideology [is being targeted],” he told Global. “She has gone into great detail about all the safeguarding issues that are being taken away from women and children.”

Within less than two days of the billboard going up at the intersection of East Hastings and Glen Drive, it was promptly vandalized with paint—and then taken down entirely in the face of instant backlash from the LGBT community. Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung of the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association claimed that the slogan was actually hate speech.

Global economic collapse was happening before COVID.

A RECESSIONARY DOWNTURN was underway well before the advent of the coronavirus, its trajectory fixed at the beginning of 2018 by the inner operating logic and methods of the new global Eurodollar system. There seemed to have been a pause in the recession in the autumn of 2019. By January 2020, economic indicators showed that the world economy had resumed its recessionary descent. The only unknown was its intensity. For all that, it was likely that the world economy was approaching an inflection point—which did not rule out an American recession and severe difficulties in the emerging economies.

On February 20, 2020, some yet unknown financial incident tipped the economy into a crash, one similar to the crash triggered by the events of August 2007. At that time, it took more than a year for the crash to produce its full effects. Enter the coronavirus, whose disastrous economic consequences became obvious after February 20. To what extent did the pandemic accelerate the crash? We will never know. What is quite exceptional is the telescoping of the two events: on the one hand, the pandemic, and on the other, a recession generated at the level of the global wholesale money market by a growing scarcity of collateral assets.

What is quite astonishing, and almost incomprehensible, is the almost total ineffectiveness of the monetary measures taken by the Fed to avoid a repetition of the great crash of 2007–2008. The Fed has intervened massively. The figures involved are gigantic. The Fed has done just what mainstream economists told it to do. In less than a fortnight, it put in place the full panoply of intervention measures that it had taken months to mobilize during the last major financial crisis. Measure after measure showed disappointing results. Monetary liquidity remained scarce. Two weeks ago, it had virtually disappeared. Markets were paralyzed. The Fed’s auctions have not protected the repo market from suffocation. By reviving its network of swaps between major central banks, the Fed has apparently shown its determination to assume its role as the bank of last resort. This is an important event. With the Fed’s announcement that all the money taps will be open, the real economy should find itself drowning in liquidity. This is clearly not the case. It’s as if the money is stuck somewhere.

But where?

The central banks have not yet grasped the nature of money in the new banking and monetary world inherited from globalization. If a currency does not spread in the real economy, it is no longer truly a currency.

In the past, the central bank needed only to carry out a few open market operations and thus increase the supply of money by expanding its balance sheet. This was generally enough to set in motion a multiplier mechanism that spread this money throughout the economy. Things are not like that anymore. The world has acquired a two-tier banking system. It is the wholesale interbank market that comprises the second tier. Transcending borders, it also acts as a transmission channel for the monetary policies of central banks. The global wholesale market operates according to rules unlike those of the old first-tier banking system. That system was characterized by the guarantee that state currencies would have fiat money status. In the global wholesale money market there is no such guarantee. Everything is ordered by the principle that all credit operations must be accompanied by a concomitant deposit of collateral: a pledge of a financial value whose term to maturity at least matches the debt at issue. This means that the distribution of central bank money, which passes through the accounts of a small number of dealer banks, can only take place if the banking and nonbanking institutions that are their clients are able to accompany their requests with a corresponding supply of collateral assets, public or private.

This is where the taps of Eurodollar global money creation lie; and they are controlled by the system’s primary dealers, who determine the list of securities that may be collateralized. The longer the list, the greater the supply of collateral. The greater the supply of collateral, the easier the credit. The converse is true, as well. The shorter the list, the smaller the supply of collateral. The smaller the supply of collateral, the tighter the credit and global money supply. Since February 20, collateral has been very scarce indeed. This situation developed over the past two years as a consequence of increasing risk aversion by global banking markets. It was recently aggravated by the rebirth of quantitative easing, which policy culminated in the seizure of the best of collateral securities by the central bank—the other little-known side effect of the Fed’s interventions.

What is today missing from the Fed’s anti-crash package is collateral. This crucial issue of collateral scarcity has not been dealt with at all. Nobody takes it into account. Central banks remain focused on long anachronistic monetary models with a concept of base money which, in our new world of globalized banking, has become totally inoperative. In this new banking environment, what makes money economically active is the extent to which it is matched to collateral availability—so much so that the system’s real money now lies in its collateral. Neglecting its role leads monetary authorities, in times of falling asset prices, to aggravate the global shortage of liquidity, even as they attempt to flood the market. This is, in fact, where the blockage is located.

At last count, the Fed’s interventions would have saved half a dozen large US hedge funds that were, until recently, blamed for the September 2019 events in the repo market. These are circumstances that will reinforce the criticisms from those who believe that the central bank’s actions consist mainly of helping the rich. On the other hand, voices are being raised to explain that $2 trillion or $4 trillion is not yet enough to be economically efficient. In reality, the real problem is not just a question of amounts, however huge they may be, but of piping. In today’s globalized economic world, it takes two pipes to get money flowing.

The Fed has forgotten one, and central bankers do not seem to be aware of it either. The global economy is now acquiring the distinctive character of a highly nonlinear system subjected to severe random shocks. One has apparently been endogenous and occurred on February 20. The other in the form of a global pandemic is exogenous and is occurring still.

There is every risk that this peculiar combination of defect and disease will lead to a very deep depression.

Events are now in the saddle.