The BW who hate BM will literally PRETEND TO BE NON BLACK WOMEN

CBC covered Trudeau’s socks and hair more than disgraced Liberal MPs

Data shows that the CBC loves to talk about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hair and socks.

In fact, the state broadcaster has dedicated 76 articles which mention either Trudeau’s hair, his beard or his hosiery.

Out of 98 mentions in these articles, Trudeau’s hair makes a total of 50 appearances, his socks are mentioned 43 times and his beard is referenced 5 times


In comparison, the CBC spent more time reporting on the prime minister’s physical appearance than they did on the recent arrest of Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara over assault and other serious charges. Tabbara’s name only nets 60 results on the CBC website.

A number of former Liberal MPs who faced sexual harassment allegations were also relatively ignored including Darshan Kang who got 81 mentions and Massimo Pacetti who only received 73 hits.

Coverage of alleged RCMP spy Cameron Ortis was also overshadowed by Trudeau’s socks and hair, producing only 41 mentions by the CBC.


CBC covered Trudeau’s socks and hair more than disgraced Liberal MPs

French pundit queries Western narrative on Navalny ‘poisoning’ & Belarus unrest with ‘CIA’ comments, gets bashed by establishment

A French pundit has questioned the Western narrative that Moscow played a role in the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny. Yet, the ‘deviation’ did not go down well with some of the French establishment.

German military scientists claim that Navalny, a prominent activist in Russia, was poisoned by a potent military-grade nerve agent last month. Berlin said that it had “a lot of evidence” that the Russian state was involved but has so far failed to provide this evidence to Moscow. Nevertheless, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has threatened Russia with sanctions over the alleged attack, while his G7 colleagues have condemned the “confirmed poisoning” in the “strongest terms.”

However, prominent French essayist Eric Zemmour sees things differently. Though Western media are coalescing around the idea that Navalny was poisoned by the Russian state, Zemmour departed from that narrative in dramatic style.

“I’m trying to understand, and there are things that confuse me,” he told France’s Cnews channel on Wednesday night. “If Putin gave the order to poison this political opponent, then why did Russian doctors save his life and transport him to Germany for treatment by the Germans, at the risk of exposing the crime? This is strange.”

Zemmour even hinted that the US Central Intelligence Agency may have had a hand in the case.

The CIA certainly has a long and storied history of assassination attempts on its enemies, and carried out botched poisonings on Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Congolese nationalist Patrice Lumumba during the Cold War. Though there is no evidence to suggest it is, Zemmour reckons the agency could be up to its old tricks again.

“This story took place at a time when the Americans are putting pressure on the Germans to give up Nord Stream 2,” he remarked, referring to a natural gas pipeline that will supply Germany with cheap Russian gas once operational.

The US is opposing the $10 billion project, while trying to boost its own liquefied natural gas shipments to Europe. However, the higher transit costs of the American gas have thus far proven a sticking point for Germany and other EU nations.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel initially said that Navalny’s case would not deter her from pressing ahead with Nord Stream 2, yet the sentiment in Berlin appears to be changing. After dozens of EU MEPs circulated a letter calling for a halt to the project, Maas said this week that he hopes “the Russians don’t force us to change our stance on Nord Stream 2.” Despite this statement, Maas admitted that he has not yet passed the information relevant to the case to Moscow.

While being rather vague on Washington’s potential – and not proven – involvement in Navalny saga, Zemmour appeared to be rather sure on US role in the current unrest in Belarus. Opposition leaders there say President Alexander Lukashenko’s recent re-election was fraudulent.

“As for Belarus, I can clearly see the CIA behind what is happening, because this is what they have been doing for ten years,” Zemmour said. “Whenever there is an ‘Orange Revolution’, Americans, Soros NGOs and American special services are behind it as if by accident.”


Lukashenko himself would certainly agree, and has accused Washington and its allies of attempting to kickstart a Ukraine-style “color revolution” to oust him from power. France’s establishment, on the other hand, was mortified by Zemmour’s claims.

“I thought I was on Russia Today,” Nathalie Loiseau, an MEP from French President Emmanuel Macron’s party, exclaimed, shocked that opinions like Zemmour’s could be expressed on French television. In deviating from the establishment narrative, Loiseau accused Zemmour of speaking for the Russian far-right.”

French parliamentarian Frederic Petit said that he was flabbergasted to hear Eric Zemmour on a French channel pouring the same propaganda (conspiracy) served by the Lukashenko regime and Russia.”


Germany has handed over Navalny’s test results to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, but has made no more information about them public. Moscow is demanding a transparent investigation and has accused Berlin of trying to “discredit” Russia.

Navalny is still in hospital in Berlin, and emerged on Monday from a medically-induced coma.

Instagram bans LifeSite report on drug to treat COVID, cites ‘misinformation’

September 9, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Instagram has removed a post by LifeSiteNews for allegedly going “against our Community Guidelines” and containing “harmful false information.” The post referred to an article on renowned Yale professor Harvey A. Risch praising the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating COVID-19 patients.

Instagram wrote in a standard email sent to LifeSiteNews, “Even if you didn’t mean to offend, our guidelines encourage people to express themselves in a way that’s respectful to everyone.”


“We want to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone,” the email continued. “We don’t allow false information that could contribute to physical harm.”

“In some cases, this includes information that recognized health organizations say could mislead people about how to cure or prevent a disease or that could discourage people from seeking medical treatment.”

The email then referred to the World Health Organization for more information about the coronavirus.


By removing LifeSite’s Instagram post, the social media platform, owned by Facebook, censored not merely a random thought of one of its users, but the informed opinion of a respected medical doctor and professor of epidemiology at one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools.

As reported by LifeSiteNews, Harvey A. Risch had praised the proven benefits of HCQ in fighting COVID-19, emphasizing at the same time that opponents of HCQ have no science to back them up.

“I conclude the evidence is overwhelming,” Risch told host Mark Levin during the latter’s Fox News show in August. “There’s no question that in the people who need to be treated, and are treated early, [hydroxychloroquine] has a very substantial benefit in reducing risk of hospitalization or mortality.”

Risch accused the opponents of HCQ use of being engaged in “a massive disinformation campaign that stretches from the government to the media, that’s either suppressing this message, or it’s countering it with a false message.”

He admitted that he doesn’t know the exact reasons for this disinformation campaign but said later, “It’s an absurd situation that people have compared … to 1984 and the Ministry of Truth, and someone that’s limiting what people can say on objective facts. It’s beyond belief.”

In reality, “the science is so one-sided in supporting this result that it’s stronger than anything else I’ve ever studied in my entire career,” said Risch. “The evidence in favor of hydroxychloroquine benefit in high-risk patients treated early as outpatients is stronger than anything else I’ve ever studied.”


Risch said most of the scientists working for the government, as well as their institutions, “cite studies that are of hospitalized patients, or they cite studies … that treat low risk patients. These are people under age 60 with no chronic conditions, and so on — people who will survive the virus just on their own, without treatment almost entirely.”

On the other hand, Risch, and other scientists like him, emphasize the benefit of HCQ use in older people and those with other underlying conditions, who are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and having a more severe progression of the virus.

He explained that he was never contacted by Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a key member of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, to discuss how their understanding of the science differs.

Risch admitted that some adverse effects can be measured in some people who take HCQ.

“The medication itself has in some people, perhaps 10 percent of normal people — [it] can change the pacing of the heart muscle contractions, called the heart rhythm. That change has only measurement value. In other words, if you measure it on electrocardiogram, you can see it has essentially no bearing for almost everyone who has that, as to any risks for a real arrhythmia that has potentially life-threatening consequences.”

Risch said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “is a very strange organization that has a history of not making science-based, rational-based decisions about its approvals.”

“It’s outrageous,” he concluded. “People need to be writing or calling their congressmen and senators and complaining that this is not the way the country should work.”

“A bureaucracy that’s in bed with other forces that are causing them to make decisions that are not based on the science — that is killing Americans.”

LifeSiteNews has experienced some censorship not only from Instagram, but also from its parent company, Facebook. One of LifeSite’s posts was slapped with a warning label claiming that the article contained false information. Like the article censored by Instagram, this one, too, talked about HCQ. Facebook also linked to a different article claiming that HCQ is ineffective.

Facebook has been in the news for its censorship for years. Last June, undercover video showed that content moderators at a Facebook contractor admitted they proactively deleted conservative and pro-Trump posts.

Law graduate goes viral with post about Black women: ‘I’m the prize now!’

Law graduate goes viral with post about Black women: ‘I’m the prize now!’

Interracial Marriage

A Black male law school graduate went viral for hisInstagram postthis week that he made at the top of the year when he graduated from Southern University Law Center. The man, who listsC.J. Kingas his name on the social media site, posted a picture of himself in his Juris Doctorate regalia with a long, controversial caption.

King began his post by saying that he’s “entered into a new arena of Black men.” He ended the post saying that in this arena, “I’M THE PRIZE NOW!!!”

Now that I’m JD’d (bar number loading) I’ve entered into a new arena of black men, and in this arena I’M THE PRIZE NOW!!! Don’t just take my word for it though & before you kill me in the comments…Let me drop some stats for your ass right quick so you can see my point:

Black women outnumber black men by…

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Coronavirus America Lockdown: City of Houston to dispatch COVID medical experimentation teams to homes of “randomly selected” residents to DRAW BLOOD for a government pandemic experiment

Remember when I warned the government would dispatch vaccine enforcement teams to go door-to-door, forcing people to be injected with chemically-laced vaccine shots at gunpoint?

At the time I first warned this was coming, many people found it difficult to believe.

No longer.

This is 2020, and now the full tyranny of the medical police state is on display for the entire world to see. In fact, many local governments are thrilled to roll out their medical tyranny programs, and they do so with coordinated P.R. announcements, t-shirts and a full-in media blitz.

With the kind of coordinated fanfare you might normally expect to see in a province of communist China, the City of Houston, Texas has announced a new program that will “randomly” select Houston residents who will be surprise visited at their homes by city officials and paramedics seeking to draw blood from every person living at that address as part of some grand pandemic medical experiment “for the greater good.”

Essentially, there will be a knock on your door, and if you open that door, you will be greeted with needle-gripping “authorities” who will demand that you and all your family members fill out highly intrusive forms and submit to a blood draw. Your blood will then be analyzed and added to a government database, tied to all the personal information you surrendered on the form, all under the guise of an “antibody study.”

From what we’ve seen so far, no city official has yet said the program is voluntary. “If we knock on your door, I strongly encourage you and your loved ones to participate in this important survey,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in a press release issued by the Houston Health Department.

The medical experimentation teams will all be wearing t-shirts that read, “Better. Together.” as part of the brainwashing / indoctrination training. The very slogan “Better together” is a collectivist / Marxist slogan that means individual rights and freedoms must be sacrificed for the “greater good” of society. This is exactly what you might expect to see in communist China, where individual liberty is non-existent and all people must subject themselves to the power of the State.

Door-to-door blood draws, government databases and the CDC

As the HHD press release explains:

Teams consisting of Houston Health Department staff and Houston Fire Department paramedics will visit randomly selected homes across Houston, asking household members to answer survey questions and provide a blood sample.

The entire scheme is being coordinated with — guess who? — the CDC, Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine. It’s being called an “antibody testing survey” but the Houston Health Department then claims a blood draw test, “does not replace oral or nasal swab viral testing…”

Wait, what? So if you get your blood drawn for this COVID medical experiment, you still have to subject yourself to nasal swabs, too?

Check out the City of Houston announcing this “exciting development” in the Brighteon video below, and note the guy never says this is voluntary. A full transcript follows:


Official: This is an exciting development. Our partners with the CDC, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University and this health department, are going to be embarking on a trial where we are going to be, in advance, randomly selecting addresses across the city. We will be visiting those residences and asking people to participate in this trial.

When your home should be selected, a team consisting of a Houston Health Department employee wearing a “Better.Together.” t-shirt along with a paramedic from the Houston Fire Department, will arrive and explain to you that you are one of the ones, your home is one of the ones that was randomly selected to participate in the program. If that should occur, what you can expect is there will be a simple questionnaire to be filled out and we would ask that would be for every member of the household.

It’s not difficult. It’s pretty straightforward questions. Of course, there will be no questions related to things like Social Security number, bank accounts. None of those types of things. So, if anyone should show up asking those that, that is not us.  We have no interest in that. We are never ever asking those questions. But we will ask about if you have had signs and symptoms of Covid.

If you’ve been exposed to anyone that you know that has/had Covid. Things along those lines. Medical, Covid-related questions. We’ll then ask if we can obtain a blood sample from each member of the household.

Words you never want to hear: You’ve been “randomly selected” to “volunteer” for an important medical experiment run by the CDC

No doubt if you answer “yes” to any questions about showing COVID symptoms, you will be flagged for mandatory medical kidnapping and relocation to the kind of FEMA quarantine camps that are now rapidly expanding in Australia and New Zealand.

And if your blood tests show that you have whatever antibodies they’re looking for, they will come back to your home — since they know where you live — to demand you “volunteer” more blood for medical research.

Notably, the CDC is part of this research, and the CDC claims the power to forcibly kidnap anyone at any time and relocate them to a quarantine camp against their will, completely outside of due process. In fact, the CDC can designate you to be a threat to public health and rip apart your family, confiscate your home and imprison you in a medical quarantine camp without any due process whatsoever. This is current U.S. law under any pandemic “emergency.”

It begs the question: Who would be dumb enough to submit to this medical tyranny in the first place? There is no upside for any person who might be strong-armed into participating in this COVID medical experiment. You only stand to lose: Your privacy, your rights, your blood, your home and your family.

My advice to all those living in Houston is simple: If one of these COVID medical experimentation teams shows up at your door and demands to take blood from you and all your family members:

1) Lock your door and tell them to go f##k themselves.

2) Start recording video as soon as possible. Upload that video to the first chance you get.

3) Call the police and explain you are being threatened by people impersonating city officials and threatening you with violence (piercing your skin with a needle is medical violence). Explain you told the people to leave and they are refusing, and they are trespassing on private property without a warrant.

4) Ready a firearm for self-defense. Do not initiate violence, but prepare to defend your home and your life if they forcefully enter your “castle.” You may be about to be assaulted and violently attacked by a medical assault team that places no value whatsoever on your privacy, your health or your life.

5) If they break into your home, shooting them in self-defense is your legal right in the State of Texas. You have every right to defend your body, your family and your home against violent attackers and trespassers, even if they claim to be carrying out medical experiments on behalf of the CDC.

Again, do not initiate violence, but you have every right to defend yourself against their violence. The best option in all this is to simply avoid answering your door in the first place.

You want a blood draw? Two can play that game… Here’s why authorities won’t try this in rural Texas

Better yet, move out of every Democrat-run city and escape to free America, which is rural America where stupid officials don’t pull stunts like this for the simple reason that they aren’t suicidal enough to want to get show and spill their own blood when they were really trying to confiscate other people’s blood. (Two can play the “blood draw” game, it turns out…)

It almost goes without saying, but if some “Better Together” team ends up on my front porch in rural Texas, they’re going to have all sorts of blood for antibody tests… their own blood, that is, probably from one or more of my ranch dogs that took a bite out of their ass as they ran across a field or two, dodging teeth and claws as they passed numerous “no trespassing” signs and somehow scaled multiple barbed wire cattle fences and dodged tall mounds of fire ants and nopal cactus spines. No wonder they plan to bring their own paramedics to such efforts… they’re gonna need the trauma kits!

Final note to Houston city officials: Showing up unannounced, unexpected, at random homes in Texas — demanding blood from all the people who live there — has got to be the dumbest medical idea I’ve ever heard. It could only come from a bunch of bungling Democrats who are so clueless about biology that they think men can get pregnant and women can produce sperm. They still don’t know that chromosomes determine your gender, not some fairy magic wishing wand that you wave over your crotch. To even think that these lunatics could competently draw blood, analyze blood and run any meaningful statistical analysis on antibodies is to imagine that pigeons can play chess.

These are the dumbest people on the planet, which is why most Democrat-run cities are collapsing into destitution, homelessness and filth. In Texas, that’s Austin, Houston, Dallas / Ft. Worth and San Antonio. This is where the DEMONrats live, and yes, they’re out for your blood. And once they’re done collecting your blood, they’ll probably swing by the local Planned Parenthood for some ritualistic child blood festival activities to hail Satan as they murder human babies, all while claiming they’re working for the “greater good.”

It’s all a sham. These so-called “officials” are anti-human demons. They probably want your blood for some sort of sick pentagram witches’ brew spells or something similarly perverted like the popular Democrat “spirit cooking” dinners where they dine on human blood in the basements of wealthy Joe Biden donors. These lunatics wouldn’t recognize real science or medicine if they tripped over it, but when they say they want your blood, you should believe them. They do want it, but not for some public health program, for God’s sake. They’re probably harvesting adrenochrome to sell it to the Clintons.

The bottom line? When it comes to COVID, stay away from all officials, period. They are up to no good, and they’re obviously lying about their intentions. For all we know, they’re probably running around Houston injecting people with a new strain of the Wuhan coronavirus in order to spread the pandemic and keep their weaponized lockdowns in place, crushing human freedoms in an effort to politically hurt President Trump.

If they want blood so badly, they can go bleed each other out on the steps of Houston City Hall and do us all a favor. After all, this entire pandemic is a government creation in the first place. They built it, they released it, and now they want our blood? Get real. If you want to end the nightmare of COVID-19, slash the size of government, fire all the corrupt bureaucrats and restore individual liberty across America.

There’s your answer to COVID.

Muslims recruiting children as soldiers, jihad suicide bombers in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad

Jihadis indoctrinating and recruiting children to commit human rights abuses, including murder, is all too common.” Such conditioning is, of course, child abuse. Yet Western leaders who consider themselves to be champions of human rights turn a blind eye to this activity and much more as they seek out the Muslim vote and abase themselves in every conceivable way to avoid being smeared as “Islamophobic.”

“Experts: Boko Haram Recruiting Children as Soldiers, Suicide Bombers,” by Sirwan Kajjo and Hassan Maina Kaina, Voice of America, September 4, 2020:

ABUJA/WASHINGTON – The militant group Boko Haram continues to recruit children and use them in battlefields across Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad, officials and experts say.

While it has suffered major military losses in the Lake Chad Basin, the extremist group seems to be adopting new strategies to revive its influence in the region, according to the experts.

Officials with the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), a regional military alliance fighting the Boko Haram insurgency, say one strategy of the group is to step up child recruitment.

“Information on this disturbing development was brought in by human intelligence sources and corroborated by concerned individuals and groups,” said Colonel Timothy Antiga, a spokesman for the MNJTF.

“Boko Haram terrorists themselves further confirmed the atrocious acts when they posted pictures of children dressed in military fatigues and holding assault rifles in a video released during a celebration of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha,” he told VOA in a recent interview.

The Nigerian military official added that the recruitment of child soldiers “is the latest in a retinue of brutal and inhuman tactics deployed by Boko Haram” since it began its insurgency a decade ago.

Boko Haram has been fighting to create an Islamic caliphate based in Nigeria.

Long-standing practice

Boko Haram has long engaged in mass abduction of schoolgirls, sexual enslavement of women and the mass murder of innocent civilians, officials and rights groups say….

Muslims recruiting children as soldiers, jihad suicide bombers in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad