‘DEEPLY REVOLTED’: Liberal Party MP speaks out anonymously about Trudeau’s corruption

The Trudeau Liberals are in the middle of yet another scandal, in what will certainly result in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s third ethics violation—the most collected by any prime minister in Canada’s history.

And while the party has shown a front of unity, dissenting voices from within are beginning to let themselves be known, albeit anonymously.

With Finance Minister’s Bill Morneau’s embarrassing account of his $41,000 WE Charity-funded vacations to Kenya and Ecuador, it appears as though the Liberal ship, at the very least, has a leak or two.



Poland to Withdraw From Convention on Violence Against Women

Poland will take steps next week to withdraw from a European treaty on protecting women from domestic violence. The right wing government said it is because the treaty violates, among other things, parents’ constitutional right to educate children with “moral or religious education in accordance with their own convictions.”

The Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro told a news conference on Saturday that, to fulfill an election campaign promise, his ministry would submit a request to the labour and families ministry on Monday to begin the process of withdrawing from the “Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence,” otherwise known as the Istanbul Convention.

“It contains elements of an ideological nature, which we consider harmful,”  Ziobro, leader of United Poland, a smaller party in the ruling coalition led by the Law and Justice (PiS) party, added.

On Friday, thousands of people, mostly women, protested in Warsaw and other cities against proposals to reject the treaty.

“The aim is to legalise domestic violence,” Magdalena Lempart, one of the protest organisers said on Friday at a march in Warsaw. Some protesters carried banners saying “PiS is the women’s hell.”

Responding to the protests, Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski argued the Istanbul Convention is “is redundant from the point of view of protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators of domestic violence,” adding that the Polish legal system already meets the standards set out by the document in both respects.

Ziobro also said the government has “done a lot in recent years in the fight against domestic violence and violence against women” through legislation, and is “implementing changes by introducing ideology-free solutions. ”

“Real solutions to protect victims of domestic violence were included in the anti-violence law, which the Sejm [lower house of the Polish parliament] adopted almost unanimously on April 30 this year.” Ziobro said. He called the Polish law a “model” for other countries as it “exceeded the standards required by the Istanbul Convention.”

Controversy Surrounding The Definition of Gender

According to a written statement by the Ministry of Justice, The government sought to terminate the Convention because of “harmful ideological solutions” such as the “concept of the so-called gender in opposition to biological sex.”

This seems to refer to the definition of “gender” in article three of the treaty, which it says “shall mean the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men.”

“According to this concept, biology does not determine whether someone is female or male, it is a matter of a socio-cultural choice that anyone can make. This is related to the assumption that the education of children in schools should be changed.” a statement from the Polish Justice Ministry reads.

According to DW, Deputy Justice Minister Marcin Romanowski described the treaty as “gender gibberish” and called for Poland to withdraw from it “as soon as possible.”

Poland is no the only Central-Eastern European countries reject the definition.

“It is in exactly these terms that Slovakia rejected ratification, and Bulgaria declared the Convention unconstitutional. In Lithuania too the ratification is held back by the refusal to accept article 3c of the Convention. … an essential passage of the Convention …” European Data Journalism Network reported.

Hungary: Threat to Marriage and of Increased Migration

The Hungarian Parliament in May refused to ratify the treaty.

“Had the Convention stuck to the protection of women’s rights, Hungary would have been among the first countries to ratify it and adopt corresponding domestic legislation. In fact, we have already included most of the Convention’s recommendations, those pertaining to the protection of women, into Hungarian law. But the Convention went far beyond this, with its final text including sections that could not be incorporated into our domestic law because they run counter to Hungary’s constitution, the Fundamental Law.” a declaration from their Parliament reads.

The declaration cited two reasons: the definitions of “gender” and “persecution.”

Firstly, the Hungarian parliament contended that “without biological genders, for example, Hungary’s constitutional definition of marriage (the matrimony of a man and a woman) would become void. And if something contradicts the Fundamental Law, it cannot be adopted by Parliament.”

Secondly, Article 60 requires signatories to “ensure that gender-based violence against women may be recognised as a form of persecution,” and refugee status should be granted to those fear such persecution.

Based on this article, the Hungarian parliament was concerned that “Hungary may be forced to grant entry to illegal migrants on grounds that run contrary to Hungary’s well-established policy of discouraging and putting an end to migration.”

The statement went on to call the Convention “yet another attempt by pro-migration groups to find a way to force the issue of migration.”

Council of Europe: Translation Difficulties ‘Used to Fuel Controversies’

In response to the continuous criticisms from countries since the Convention opened for signatures in 2011, the Council of Europe published a Q&A document (pdf) to defend it.

“Difficulties around the translation of the term ‘gender’ and its distinction from the term ‘sex’ in languages which do not have an exact equivalent have sometimes been used to fuel controversies about the convention and its implications. Such difficulties cannot become a pretext for rejecting the convention, or an obstacle to its implementation: the convention does not require an adaptation of the national legal systems to incorporate the use of the term ‘gender,’ but uses it to explain the purpose of the measures that it asks states to adopt and implement. The convention has already been ratified and implemented in countries using languages which do not have an exact equivalent of the term ‘gender’ (belonging to different linguistic groups, such as the Germanic, Roman and Slavic families), without this leading to controversies.”

Another leaflet promoting the Convention stated that the “existing migration and asylum policies are not put in question by the Convention.”

Reuters contributed to the report.



ANTIFA Convicted Pedophile Arrested For Stabbing Black Trump Supporter in Portland

Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe was arrested in the early hours of Saturday following his alleged stabbing of a black Trump supporter in Portland.

The Trump supporter and conservative, who goes by the name Black Rebel on social media, posted several updates to his condition from the ambulance and hospital. In the Periscope livestream, he alleged that Hampe had stalked him and his group of friends for several blocks in Portland before stabbing him.

Black Rebel stated that Antifa militants doxed his identity and posted his location on social media and advised each other to “watch out” for him.



Neo-Nazi Patrik Mathews’s arrest highlights Ottawa’s support for Ukrainian far right

The recent arrest of a Canadian neo-Nazi on the run in the United States should embarrass the federal government — and not just for the obvious reasons.

Last week former Canadian Forces engineer Patrik Mathews pled not guilty to gun charges, a month after he was arrested by the FBI. The prosecution says he called for the poisoning of water supplies and derailment of trains in order to provoke conflict leading to the creation of a white ethnostate. Mathews had fled southward in August after he was outed as a recruiter for The Base, a neo-Nazi group that helped him go underground in the U.S.


Mathews’s case, of course, highlights concern about white supremacists in the Canadian Forces. While the issue has received recent attention, it’s as old as the Canadian military. Many commentators point to the 1990s Somalia affair, when Canadian soldiers tortured and murdered a Somali teenager while on a humanitarian mission, but up to the end of World War II, Royal Canadian Navy policy said that “candidates must be of pure European descent.” In other words, the problem of racism in the Canadian Forces is structural and longstanding, never having been properly acknowledged and dealt with.

But there is another angle to Mathews’s arrest that should concern every Canadian worried about the rise of the far right. The Base has ties to the most well-organized neo-Nazis in the world — whom Ottawa has not only failed to condemn, but in fact bolstered.

Ukraine’s ultranationalists

In 2014 the far right benefited from the right-wing nationalist EuroMaidan movement that ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. Ottawa supported the U.S.-backed coup against Yanukovych, who was oscillating between the European Union and Russia. In July 2015 the Canadian Press reported that opposition protesters were camped in the Canadian Embassy for a week during the February 2014 rebellion against Yanukovych. And since the mid-2000s, Canada has provided significant support to right-wing, nationalist opponents of Russia in Ukraine.

Out of the EuroMaidan movement came ultranationalist paramilitaries Azov Battalion and Right Sector, which “electrified the neo-Nazi movement” in North America and Europe, notes commentator Jordan Green. The war in Ukraine has attracted many extremists and white supremacists, who see it as a training ground and travel there to meet with ultranationalists.

Canada also funds, equips, and trains the neo-Nazi–infiltrated National Police of Ukraine.

“The Base and its leader wanted to form concrete links between Ukrainian ultra-nationalist military units and the global neo-Nazi movement,” says a recent Vice article. One member of The Base arrested alongside Mathews sought to fight in Ukraine, according to the prosecution.

Mollie Saltskog, an intelligence analyst at Soufan Center, which researches global security, compared the extreme right’s ties to Ukraine to Al Qaeda’s nesting grounds. “The conflict in eastern Ukraine is to the white supremacists what Afghanistan was to the Salafi-jihadists in the 80’s and 90’s,” she told Vice. “Remember, al-Qaeda, for which the English translation is ‘The Base,’ was born out of the conflict in Afghanistan.”

Military and police support

Canada provides both military and police support to Ukraine. As part of Operation UNIFIER, 200 Canadian members of the military — rotated every six months — work with Ukrainian forces that have integrated right-wing militias. Colonel Brian Irwin, Canada’s defence attaché in Kiev, met with officers of the Azov Battalion in 2018. According to Azov, which wears the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol and extols officials who helped murder Jews and Poles during World War II, Canadian military officials concluded the briefing by expressing “their hopes for further fruitful cooperation.”


Alongside the U.S., Canada also funds, equips, and trains the neo-Nazi–infiltrated National Police of Ukraine, which was founded in 2015 to replace the former regime’s police force. A former deputy commander of the Azov Battalion, Vadim Troyan, has had a series of senior positions in the National Police of Ukraine, including acting chief. And early last year, when a police officer was recorded disparaging a far-right protester as a supporter of Stepan Bandera — who aligned with the Nazi occupation during World War II, carrying out murderous campaigns against Poles and Jews — the National Police chief, a National Police spokesperson, an Interior Ministry advisor, and others repudiated the officer by publicly professing their admiration for the Nazi collaborator.

Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion announced $8.1 million in funding for the National Police of Ukraine in 2016. Canada has provided the force with thousands of uniforms and cameras and helped establish the country’s first national police academy. Canada committed up to 20 police officers to help the Ukrainian police in 2016. By July 2019 that commitment had more than doubled to 45 officers and the deployment was extended to 2021.

War proxy

The Ukrainian government has included a number of neo-Nazis over the past few years. During his 2016 trip to Ukraine, Trudeau was photographed with Ukrainian speaker of the Parliament Andriy Parubiy, a leader of the far right who had founded a party with Nazi branding. Liberal and other party politicians in Canada have also attended festivals and marched in parades featuring contingents supporting Ukraine’s Right Sector, which has described itself as “defending the values of white, Christian Europe.”

While they talk about the danger of the far right, the Liberals have voted against a UN resolution titled “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance” because they thought it targeted Ukraine. In 2015 a draft of the resolution was opposed only by Canada, the U.S., Palau and Ukraine. Last November another vote on the draft resolution was held — Canada abstained while only the U.S. and Ukraine voted against it.

At this point it seems unlikely that far-right groups like The Base will gain significant traction in Canada. But if they do, it will be in part due to blowback from Canadian policy that views Ukraine as a proxy in Washington’s campaign to weaken Russia. Don’t expect the Canadian corporate media to report on this angle of Patrik Mathews’s arrest though.

Yves Engler’s latest book is House of Mirrors: Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Policy.



Neo-Nazi Brian Ruhe, who has a Thai ex-wife and Chinese ex-girlfriend: “All races should unite to topple Jewish power from the planet”

Brian Ruhe is Vancouver-based activist who self identifies as a Nazi. “I’m a Nazi. I claim to be a Nazi. I’m a Nazi. Yes, Brian Ruhe is a Nazi”, he said in 2018 in an interview withTravis Pangburn and Armin Navabi (the interview was posted by Pangburn Philosophy and later removed by YouTube).

On July 12, 2020 Brian Ruhe participated in a pro-Palestinian protest in Vancouver.

On his website Brian Ruhe published a document that explain in detail his worldview, vision and goals. Here are excerpts from Ruhe’s document:

I generally believe David Icke’s view that a group of reptilians control our governments through the Rothschilds. They are held in check by higher aliens and they work through the Jewish establishment. The Jewish elite suppress the truth about UFOs and advanced ancient civilizations of extreme antiquity. We need to topple Jewish power from the world and disclose these truths to provide the world with tremendous benefits such as free energy. If your input is to the effect that you are an atheist and higher realms don’t exist, UFOs don’t exist and there wasn’t any ancient civilization, then you are wasting my time and yours. What I am hoping for is that those more knowledgeable than I can contribute insights that I haven’t thought of or of which I am unaware in areas that are important and fascinate me…

A worldview can be defined as collective beliefs and values that give people a sense of how the world works. So ask yourself, “How does the world work?” In our business, our comrades generally understand that the international Jews are trying to run the whole world and that this is planet Earth’s foremost problem. When I write “the Jews” it is a short form for the ‘Jewish establishment’. A worldview is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the whole of the individual’s or society’s knowledge and point of view. A worldview can include natural philosophy; fundamental, existential, and normative postulates; or themes, values, emotions, and ethics…

In summary, your worldview is a set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of Reality that ground and influence all your perceiving, thinking, knowing, and doing. Your worldview, consists of your epistemology, your metaphysics, your cosmology, your teleology, your theology, your anthropology, and your axiology. The Jewish elite have been trying to destroy much of this, for all of humanity

Since the title of this ‘manifesto’ is “Worldview of a Just World”, my political worldview is National Socialism as created by Adolf Hitler. This is the best political system known in recorded history. The fuehrer set it up to be 1000 years of peace and prosperity and it was well on it’s way to achieving that. I recommend this for individual nations and cultures to protect themselves with such a system adapted to their country. I am opposed to the evil globalism that has been rearing it’s ugly head over the past century. If wholesome national socialism grew across the nations and some kind of just world order developed into a world government in the future, I approve of that ideal. This is the idea of the chakravartin, below. For now, down with the Jew World Order!

Number three is the human level and most people who know about the Jewish Question, talk about it at this lower human level. In order to solve a problem we need to deal with it at a higher level than it was created. It feels demoralizing for small groups of people to try to topple Jewish power from the world. Jewish power is so breathtaking and extends behind the scenes in areas that many of us have not even thought of. Their social engineering doesn’t stop. We need to learn the perspective of the devas and the brahmas. We need to understand the nature of Mara in the world. If we learn the reality of how these higher realms influence us then we will have a more realistic way of dealing with the Jewish problem. Without this true, higher view of reality we are foolish and impotent fighting against the Jewish establishment…

Mara is the evil one in Buddhist cosmology, similar to Satan. My worldview is that Mara works through the reptilians and the Jews. There’s more on the reptilians below. The Jews means not just the elite Jews but the Jewish people in general. It is the karma of the average Jewish person that they were born into a Jewish family and that they are being brainwashed by Jewish cultural influences. These are Mara’s people. Mara is highly intelligent, has limited spiritual attainment and he is deceptive and manipulative. There is no evil force in the human realm better organized than international Jewry. If the Buddha was with us now and you asked him, “What is the force of Mara in the world today?” The Buddha would reply, “It’s the Jews.” Mara also presents himself as Buddhist leadership with Jews dominating Buddhism in the west. See my YouTube channel, Jewish Control Over Buddhism at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4f-FZSPwYysglKZm7ogRkw/featured . Mara is Christian leadership, Muslim leadership, etc. and he is more openly and honestly Jewish Talmudic leadership…

These truths are being suppressed by the Jewish establishment. My worldview includes putting pressure on Jewish power to disclose what they very well know about UFOs, aliens, devas and our true history. It’s not as difficult as chasing after UFOs! We’ve already been doing that for over 70 years. We just need to release the knowledge that has already been meticulously recorded and contains breathtaking significance…

Pete Papaherakles said on The Brian Ruhe Show that the Rothschilds Jewish elite may have already taken over the world in 1945. He said there was no other country standing up to them. If some African country did what difference does that make when they had the Soviet Union, America and Europe? Maybe they are waiting to completely consolidate their power before they come out and publicly announce one day, “OK, we’ve taken over the world now so we’re installing our Jewish messiah in Jerusalem here. From now on you goy will bow down to us and do what we tell you to do.”

Maybe the Rothschilds are a sacrifice? Maybe the Jewish power structure will let them take the hit if the goy rise up but I think they are more like poster boys for the Jew World Order. They are so well known and blamed for centuries of war and misery and tears. Possibly the Pindar is an obscure person behind the scenes but my guess is that he is one of the famous Rothschilds like lord Jacob. I think that the reptilian clan working through the Rothschild family is part of what the Buddha described in the Mahā Samaya Sutta (DN 20) as a group of deceitful, deceptive, treacherous nagas. There are several groups of good nagas/reptilians too…

Jewish Power

Getting down to earth, after stating that reptilians control and lead Jewish power, my worldview is that within the human realm the Jewish elite are trying to take over the world and they are the most powerful group of human beings. No one else comes close and other non Jewish people of great power and wealth are working as junior partners, in harmony with the Jewish establishment. There is only one group that has almost taken over the world. There are not two groups or three groups or more, fighting it out for power. There is only one, unified, grand conspiracy of people that is behind 101 interlinked conspiracies and these people are Jewish. Once you deeply understand that, everything else falls into place and the world finally makes sense. There is order in this evil wisdom. At this point it is good to list the most powerful organizations that work behind the scenes to control the US and the world. They were all Jewish conceived and created

There are the many Jewish organizations in all the countries of the world. B’nai Brith has been around since 1843 in the United States. Then there is the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress, AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in the US) and countless Jewish alphabet organizations. The CFR anoints future presidents and they are a policy power over the US government. They’re so powerful that before President Kennedy went to Dallas the CFR was preparing memos to submit to President Lyndon Johnson the following Monday morning. The Jews have breathtaking control over the US and all western governments. Members of the Congress are pressured into swearing an oath of loyalty to Israel which is treasonous.

The Jews use an old divide and rule strategy. The cold war was not genuine. The Rothschilds controlled the west as well as the Soviet Union to scare the world with the threat of nuclear war which gave them greater control over the world and the ability to make piles of money on arms manufacturing. Their most concise playbook is “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. I’ve done seven hours of videos on this with Pete Papaherakles and he lays out the evidence that the Protocols are for real. This is the most concise description of the methods the Jewish elite use to take over the world and it has been fulfilled in the past 120 years to an astonishing degree. Below I give a few sources but Jewish and Israeli publications are good to look up as the Jews admit this themselves.

Sources for Jewish Power

There’s plenty of evidence to prove Jewish control over much of world civilization. The short answer is just Google it or type a few key words into YouTube, the greatest teacher. Jewish supremacism is the belief that the Jews are religiously, morally, intellectually, and/or genetically superior. The religion of Talmudic Judaism itself claims that the Jews are a people “chosen” by God ahead of the rest of humanity. It teaches that gentiles are merely donkeys placed here to serve Jews. A definition of Jewish supremacism is ‘The belief, theory or doctrine; which can be explicitly or implicitly stated in either communication or behaviour, that the Jewish people are manifestly superior to all others and should aspire to aggressively acquire and retain complete control of all power relationships practically extent in the world.’…

There are important qualities of the ancient world to understand. What they achieved was better, higher and more virtuous than our society today so the past is a role model for us to strive towards for our future. That’s another reason the Jewish supremacists desperately want to hide our past from us. Once we know something has been accomplished we are motivated to focus on how we can do that ourselves and we’re that much more likely to achieve it…

Many spiritual and cultural teachings tell us about natural order and hierarchy. Today the elites are Jews who turn this natural law upside down and attempt to subvert and go against the people who are the best and most capable. They want to strike down the white race so that they can ruthlessly rule the entire world for themselves. In a just world with a chakravartin, white people would be the leading race and all other races would be respected and cared for within a natural hierarchy. We don’t have wise rulership today with virtually every country being dominated behind the scenes by Jewish power. White people are under attack psychologically and physically with immigration and we must defend ourselves. The Jewish elite are attacking all the other races as well, including the Jewish people so all races should unite to topple Jewish power from the planet. It is best to present people with only one enemy and that enemy is the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists. Even the Jews should join us. Such a wise strategy to have compassion for Jewish people and bring them into our fold, as Hitler did.

There may be positive upswings which are temporary, like Adolf Hitler, then we fall back into darkness. During this process it doesn’t have to strictly adhere to a prescribed trend. The Buddha taught that the future is uncertain. If we really are on a downward spiral then this manifesto is empty and doomed to failure. All attempts to topple Jewish power in the past three centuries have been counteracted. We are now losing every battle on every front. People say we may be winning on the internet info war, side of the battle. I don’t know. I hope so. We hear the mantra “People are waking up! People are waking up!” but no one seems to know if it is even 10% of the population or 3% or less than 1%…

The Jewish problem is bigger than what most Jew-wise comrades on our side think. Who controls our governments…… duh! Since the Rothschild Zionist Talmudists control our governments, therefore it is a fact that they control UFO secrecy. Alien abduction is also a true reality that the Jews are trying to keep secret. There can be no other logical conclusion. UFOlogists keep harping on about wanting disclosure. Disclosure means that we all know, that the governments know. We want the many governments to disclose what they have known about UFOs since at least 1947. That’s the BIG DEAL in UFOlogy. An honest disclosure would reveal our dazzling advanced technology and our secret space program. Then the public would clamour for the goodies and so many of humanities ancient problems of poverty, starvation and ignorance, etc could be solved to a great degree…

In conclusion, this encompasses my whole worldview as far as it can be written concisely. Now you know what Brian Ruhe is all about and what my priorities are for the future. I want to keep repeating this worldview again and again rather than get lost in one piece of the grand puzzle. I will try to tell others that their priorities fit into this worldview and that they should expand their consciousness to see their goals from this profound perspective. In this way people who seem to be completely disconnected, working against 101 different conspiracies can come together as a unified party to topple Jewish power from the world. Jewish power is the same as Mara. When the Buddha defeated Mara there was no bloodshed. He just had to see Mara and he would say, “I have seen you Mara”. Then Mara would admit defeat, retreating away into the distance.


Swastika was found on a rock along a path in Thornhill Woods, ON

On July 14, 2020 B’nai Brith Canada reported:

‪A swastika was found on a rock along a path in Thornhill Woods, Vaughan today. Such symbols of Antisemitism, racism, bigotry, and hate will not be accepted here. The city has been contacted to clean up the grafitti.‬

On July 14, 2020 Maurizio Bevilacqua, the Mayor of Vaughan, Ontario issued the following statement:

Acts of anti-Semitism, racism and hate have no place in our city and do not reflect the values Vaughan stands for. The City of Vaughan is taking immediate action to remove anti-Semitic graffiti that was reported earlier today. As a multicultural community, we are committed to promoting a fair, just and compassionate society where all are welcome and celebrated. #EradicateHate B’nai Brith Canada