Germany: Arab clans declare the Duisburg district of Marxloh a Sharia zone and forbid all Kafir to enter the district – They threaten to use military weapons against infidels and police officers

Allah's Willing Executioners

Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße in the Duisburg district of Marxloh is one of the streets that is said to be firmly in the hands of Arab clans. The police often patrol the pedestrian zone, it is usually peaceful, and the officers sometimes wink at the numerous children playing. The situation is similar on the evening of May 17th: At 6:07 p.m., a uniformed patrol car crew with two police officers and a third-year commissioner candidate notices the German-Lebanese S., a German-Lebanese who is known to the police, is an 18-year-old serial offender and member of a Lebanese extended family. This is a momentous encounter that will lead to a public reopening of the conflicts in the north of Duisburg and will make headlines nationwide in the following days. (See for that the following Tweet:)

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