Emphasising The Importance Of Choosing A Quality Stargate – Part 2

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock





Some of you may have caught this 1Master Teacher livestream this Saturday just gone, I watched a good portion of it and the loud, rude, arrogant, disrespectful and obnoxious, Jezebel, feminist mixed female named Je/Jenee Amore is a daily reminder as to why so many black men have abandoned black women as well as those who exhibit the same traits as the modern day black witch, Jenee Amore is one of them.

We have many mixed women like this in the UK, they believe they’re white, they hang around nothing but white folks, they exclusively date white men and just like the modern day black female have a major problem with black men including when we choose to expand upon our dating options. Jenee Amore has father issues, she sees every black man as her father who she confessed cheated on her mother while being deployed…

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