The Case For SYSBM – A Serious Dearth Of Attractive Non Criminal Minded Black Women!

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


But according to the menstruating, low T level pro black simp Aaron Fountain, we SYSBM brothers are “fringes” as well as “oddballs” for desiring to hook up with better looking women than these horror flick looking criminal monsters from the great deep. Just look at the state of these chicks, and to think that we have these pro black flunkies trying their best to shame us into returning to the plantation in order to date, marry and procreate with these tacky weaved up, manly looking broads, no thanks, I’ll pass, I’m good.

The sad part is I can guarantee you that all of these heifers have children, meaning somebody already chose to go there and did the dirty deed. No matter how unattractive and morally bankrupt black women are, there will always be a barrage of simps willing to scoop them up. Now I don’t have any problems…

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