Cornell freshmen were forced to chug wine, liquor, beer, and milk during a ‘dirty rush’ frat party,


  • Antonio Tsialas, 18, attended a Phi Kappa Psi “dirty rush” party at Cornell University on Oct. 24. He was found dead in a gorge two days later.
  • The party “Christmas in October,” featured seven rooms of drinking games, according to a lawsuit.
  • Freshman were “encouraged or coerced” to drink large amounts of alcohol that varied by the theme of the room.
  • Tsialas’ death has resulted in more regulations for Greek life at Cornell, as well as a lawsuit against the university and fraternity.

Cornell University freshman Antonio Tsialas was found dead at the base of a gorge in October.


Two days earlier, Tsialas had attended a fraternity party where a series of “drinking events” were planned across seven rooms on the house’s main floor, according to a lawsuit filed by Tsialas’ family against Cornell and the fraternity.

“About fifteen minutes after arriving, the fraternity leaders appeared and made an announcement to the group: If you are ever asked, you were never here. No phones. No video. No photographs,” the lawsuit says. “And with that, the PHI KAPPA PSI tradition of Christmas in October was underway.”

The lawsuit filed in Tompkins County, New York, and reported on by The Cornell Sun, details the last night of  Tsialas life and provides insight into the alleged Phi Kappa Psi rush practices.

The “dirty rush party” on Oct. 24 coincided with parents weekend. Before a fraternity member picked up Tsialas, 18, and took him to the party, he had dinner at a local Thai restaurant with his mother, Flavia Tomasello.

At dinner, the college freshman told his mother that he loved Cornell, was enjoying classes and making friends, according to the lawsuit. He also was excited about being selected as a campus tour guide.

“It was the last time Flavia Tomasello ever saw her son,” the lawsuit said.

After dinner, Tsialas took a Lyft back to campus and a “parade of vehicles” from Phi Kappa Psi arrived to pick up potential pledges.

Once at the frat house, the students were taken on a tour of the rooms, where they were encouraged, “or coerced” to drink heavily based on the theme of the room, according to the lawsuit.


In the “tropical room,” students had to limbo under a stick while sorority women poured alcohol down their throats.

In the “beer room,” the students would be divided into teams competing to chug the most beer. At one point they would be turned upside down and have their heads dunked in a trash can full of beer.

In the “wine room,” the young men would play a dice game involving chugging wine from a pitcher.

The “Jewish room,” was decorated to look like a bar mitzvah and students drank vodka and beer from a pyramid of glasses.


In the “Santa Claus room,” students sat on the lap of a person dressed as Santa Claus and were told what they had to drink based on whether they were “naughty or nice.” They couldn’t leave the room until they drank a “Christmas gift” of a full bottle of liquor.

In “the lounge,” the freshmen would take shots of whip cream and liquor, topping off the evening, according to the lawsuit.

By the time the night ended, the students were to have visited all seven rooms.

The lawsuit, filed by Miami-based attorney David Bianchi, alleges that fraternity members then let Tsialas leave the party without making arrangements for him to get home safely.


The next day, his mother went to the Cornell bookstore to meet her son as planned, but he never arrived.

His body was found two days after the party.

After Tsialas was found, the Cornell University Police Department wrote in an email to the Cornell community that “no foul play is suspected,” according to The Sun.

The ongoing lawsuit, which seeks compensation for the pain suffered by Tsialas before his death, named the fraternity’s executive board members and house manager, along with several members and a campus advisor.


Longtime fraternity being investigated following hazing allegations

An IUP fraternity is being investigated by the university due to a hazing incident that occurred December 2019.

Phi Kappa Psi, a fraternity founded in 1852 in Indianapolis, has been threatened with suspension over an incident that occurred Dec. 10 in which the university received a video showing new members crawling or doing pushups on a floor covered with liquid, according to the Act 80 Anti-Hazing Final Report.

The video also showed a member kicking a new member on the floor and was captioned “Hell.”

The Penn reached out to Phi Psi members and IUP exectutive director of media relations Michelle Fryling.

No one responded as of Monday night.

This isn’t the first incident of Phi Psi being under report for hazing incidences. The earliest recorded incident at IUP was when Phi Psi was suspended in 2010 due to an off-campus brawl involving fraternity members.

Phi Psi remained quiet for a while until 2016, when the university received a tip of alleged hazing from a non-IUP student.

The behavior was documented on GroupMe, a messaging services for group chats. The behavior included possession, consumption of alcohol by underage new members, verbal abuse and tasks or errands that seemed abnormal to ask of new members to complete.

Phi Psi was found responsible, and it led to five members being suspended while others were sanctioned.

There were multiple incidents in 2017 which resulted in stayed suspension and police involvement. On April 29, 2017, Indiana Borough Police arrived at Phi Psi, issued citations due to a fight between fraternity members and football players and left. However, they had to go back twice that night.

The third time was due to a violent altercation when four members, Jalen B. Coriano-Nix, Zachary M. Cortese, Nicholas M. Driggs and Grant R. Palmer beat Boniface K. “J.R.” Stevens.

According to eyewitness reports, a Phi Kappa Psi member Augustus L. “Augie” Secrest pulled a gun during the night and pointed it to the face of one of the victim’s roommates.

No arrests were made, but citations were given.

Coriano-Nix and Driggs pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and Cortese’s charges were withdrawn or treated as summary defenses, according to Indiana County court records.

Since that night, IUP football players were banned from fraternity parties.

On Oct. 12, 2017, a report was received by IUP about the forced consumption of alcohol by underage new members, verbal and physical abuse and the forced cleaning of the frat house.

The hearing found the chapter not responsible for hazing but was sanctioned for other negative behaviors. The result was stayed suspension, in which the fraternity may operate as a fraternity on probationary terms, and alumni suspension.

Phi Kappa Psi was founded Feb. 19, 1852, by William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore in Indianapolis. The fraternity consists of more than 300,000 men who are members. Most of them are lifetime members with Phi Psi.

Its motto, “United by friendship, sustained by honor, and led by truth, we live and we flourish,” ties into the fraternity’s rule of conduct, which is the “great joy of serving others.” Its colors are cardinal red and hunter green.

However, each chapter has their own motto, and IUP’s is “live ever die never.”

Currently, Phi Psi is awaiting the ruling on its disciplinary consequences yet again due to the events on Dec. 10.

Black Women Vs Black Children

Black Women Vs Black Children

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


The overwhelming majority of black women are undiagnosed unhinged psychopaths who have no maternal instincts whatsoever. Remember though, these heifers treat light skinned, mixed race and white children complete different. Again, as has been pointed out many times before, note the skin tone of the woman involved in this ritualistic abuse of her son above, enough said. This behaviour looks awfully familiar now doesn’t it but in another way then many of you many have forgotten. Therefore allow me to refresh your memory:

When we really think about it what is the difference between the two scenes above, if we’re honest we would have to say NOTHING. Notice how when it comes down to so called “discipline” most black women mirror exactly how slave masters/overseers treated their slaves on the plantation. As I have stated many times before, black women as a group hate black children and only have…

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Is This Who You Want Raising Your Children?

Is This Who You Want Raising Your Children?

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


This is how your modern day black female “raises” the children that are unfortunate enough to come from her womb, she doesn’t raise them, that is exactly the point. Even crocodiles and alligators interact with their young with far more care than this modern day black woman. Yet, you have large swaths of black men who will still choose to place their seed into these females despite their demonstrated lack of maternal instincts, smh.

Telling the baby to shut up, really witch? Where is this woman’s diagnostic skills in determining exactly why the baby is crying? Nowhere to be found because black women as I’ve stated many times before having embraced a mutant form of feminism lack the natural maternal instincts that non black females as a whole still retain.

You really have to scratch your head in amazement at the modern day black female, she adopts a religion…

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/r/hapas thread discusses Asian women utterly dominating their white husbands (no, not sexually).

/r/hapas thread discusses Asian women utterly dominating their white husbands (no, not sexually).

"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, anti-social, anti-diversity, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian men marry "traditional, family oriented," status-obsessed, racist asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian - and hear "no asian guys", and have to deal with constant racism against asian men?

Many Hapas, repulsed at their parents’ dynamic and society’s hypocrisy about interracial relationships, feel that the best way to fight back is to simply expose what goes on within the home, so as remove any and all vestiges of a superiority complex our parents (and society) might have about, for example, “sticking it to white women and Asian men.” Since, many of us look like Asian men. After all – for society to blindly sexualize Asian women while making Asian men invisible while weaponizing biracials is not something most biracials will sit by and ignore; so, of course, it’s a good idea to fight back in any way we can, and one way is to expose the actual reason behind intermarriage. As viable a survival tactic as any.

Let me describe my parents, for example:

Last week my brother told me that “mom was so cruel to dad.”

This is…

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