New York Times Disdains Wage Raises for Blue-Collar Americans

Wages for Americans have jumped since ICE arrested almost 700 illegals at several labor-intensive chicken plants in Mississippi — yet the New York Times disdains the extra cash as “little.”

On December 2018, The NYT reported the wage-gains since the August enforcement:

[Juan] Grant, only two years out of high school and still finding his way in the world. He said it felt good to be earning $11.23 an hour, even if the new job entailed cutting off necks and pulling out guts on a seemingly endless conveyor of carcasses. It was about $4 better, he said, than what he used to earn at a Madison County cookie factory.

… the opportunity to earn more than $11 an hour can still turn heads in this part of Mississippi. Mr. Grant was not the only person to jump at the chance the raids provided. Niah Hill, manager of the Sonic Drive-In in Morton, said 10 of her workers quit soon after the raid at Koch Foods. “When they heard about the raids they all went over there and got jobs right away,” Ms. Hill said. Carhops at this Sonic make $4.25 an hour — three dollars less than the state’s minimum wage — plus tips, she said.

But the NYT’s reporter dismissed the economic gains for working-class Americans, with a quote from a press release issued by the University of Pennsylvania:

A 2016 study on the effects of immigration on the United States economy found that immigration had “little long run effect” on American wages.

But the university group admitted in 2017 that President Donald Trump’s proposals would raise Americans’ wages.

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