Bible in Chronological Order : Job 21 to 23

Chapter 20

20:1 Then Sophar the Minaean answered and said,

2 I did not suppose that thou wouldest answer thus: neither do ye understand more than I. 3 I will hear my shameful reproach; and the spirit of my understanding answers me.

4 Hast thou not known these things of old, from the time that man was set upon the earth? 5 But the mirth of the ungodly is a signal downfall, and the joy of transgressors is destruction: 6 although his gifts should go up to heaven, and his sacrifice reach the clouds. 7 For when he shall seem to be now established, then he shall utterly perish: and they that knew him shall say, Where is he? 8 Like a dream that has fled away, he shall not be found; and he has fled like a vision of the night. 9 The eye has looked upon him, but shall not see him again; and his place shall no longer perceive him. 10 Let his inferiors destroy his children, and let his hands kindle the fire of sorrow. 11 His bones have been filled with vigour of his youth, and it shall lie down with him in the dust.

12 Though evil be sweet in his mouth, though he will hide it under his tongue; 13 though he will not spare it, and will not leave it, but will keep it in the midst of his throat: 14 yet he shall not at all be able to help himself; the gall of an asp is in his belly.

15 His wealth unjustly collected shall be vomited up; a messenger of wrath shall drag him out of his house. 16 And let him suck the poison of serpents, and let the serpent’s tongue slay him. 17 Let him not see the milk of the pastures, nor the supplies of honey and butter. 18 He has laboured unprofitably and in vain, for wealth of which he shall not taste: it is as a lean thing, unfit for food, which he cannot swallow. 19 For he has broken down the houses of many mighty men: and he has plundered an habitation, though he built it not. 20 There is no security to his possessions; he shall not be saved by his desire. 21 There is nothing remaining of his provisions; therefore his goods shall not flourish. 22 But when he shall seem to be just satisfied, he shall be straitened; and all distress shall come upon him.

23 If by any means he would fill his belly, let God send upon him the fury of wrath; let him bring a torrent of pains upon him. 24 And he shall by no means escape from the power of the sword; let the brazen bow wound him. 25 And let the arrow pierce through his body; and let the stars be against his dwelling-place: let terrors come upon him. 26 And let all darkness wait for him: a fire that burns not out shall consume him; and let a stranger plague his house. 27 And let the heaven reveal his iniquities, and the earth rise up against him. 28 Let destruction bring his house to an end; let a day of wrath come upon him. 29 This is the portion of an ungodly man from the Lord, and the possession of his goods appointed him by the all-seeing God.

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21:1 But Job answered and said,

2 Hear ye, hear ye my words, that I may not have this consolation from you. 3 Raise me, and I will speak; then ye shall not laugh me to scorn. 4 What! is my reproof of man? and why should I not be angry? 5 Look upon me, and wonder, laying your hand upon your cheek.

6 For even when I remember, I am alarmed, and pains seize my flesh. 7 Wherefore do the ungodly live, and grow old even in wealth? 8 Their seed is according to their desire, and their children are in their sight. 9 Their houses are prosperous, neither have they any where cause for fear, neither is there a scourge from the Lord upon them. 10 Their cow does not cast her calf, and their beast with young is safe, and does not miscarry. 11 And they remain as an unfailing flock, and their children play before them, taking up the psaltery and harp; 12 and they rejoice at the voice of a song. 13 And they spend their days in wealth, and fall asleep in the rest of the grave. 14 Yet such a man says to the Lord, Depart from me; I desire not to know thy ways. 15 What is the Mighty One, that we should serve him? and what profit is there that we should approach him?

16 For their good things were in their hands, but he regards not the works of the ungodly. 17 Nevertheless, the lamp of the ungodly also shall be put out, and destruction shall come upon them, and pangs of vengeance shall seize them. 18 And they shall be as chaff before the wind, or as dust which the storm has taken up. 19 Let his substance fail to supply his children: God shall recompense him, and he shall know it. 20 Let his eyes see his own destruction, and let him not be saved by the Lord. 21 For his desire is in his house with him, and the number of his months has been suddenly cut off.

22 Is it not the Lord who teaches understanding and knowledge? and does not he judge murders? 23 One shall die in his perfect strength, and wholly at ease and prosperous; 24 and his inwards are full of fat, and his marrow is diffused throughout him. 25 And another dies in bitterness of soul, not eating any good thing. 26 But they lie down in the earth together, and corruption covers them.

27 So I know you, that ye presumptuously attack me: 28 so that ye will say, Where is the house of the prince? and where is the covering of the tabernacles of the ungodly? 29 Ask those that go by the way, and do not disown their tokens. 30 For the wicked hastens to the day of destruction: they shall be led away for the day of his vengeance. 31 Who will tell him his way to his face, whereas he has done it? who shall recompense him? 32 And he has been led away to the tombs, and he has watched over the heaps. 33 The stones of the valley have been sweet to him, and every man shall depart after him, and there are innumerable ones before him. 34 How then do ye comfort me in vain? whereas I have no rest from your molestation.

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22:1 Then Eliphaz the Thaemanite answered and said,

2 Is it not the Lord that teaches understanding and knowledge? 3 For what matters it to the Lord, if thou wert blameless in thy works? or is it profitable that thou shouldest perfect thy way? 4 Wilt thou maintain and plead thine own cause? and will he enter into judgment with thee?

5 Is not thy wickedness abundant, and thy sins innumerable? 6 And thou hast taken security of thy brethren for nothing, and hast taken away the clothing of the naked. 7 Neither hast thou given water to the thirsty to drink, but hast taken away the morsel of the hungry. 8 And thou hast accepted the persons of some; and thou hast established those that were already settled on the earth. 9 But thou hast sent widows away empty, and has afflicted orphans. 10 Therefore snares have compassed thee, and disastrous war has troubled thee. 11 The light has proved darkness to thee, and water has covered thee on thy lying down.

12 Does not he that dwells in the high places observe? and has he not brought down the proud? 13 And thou has said, What does the Mighty One know? does he judge in the dark? 14 A cloud is his hiding-place, and he shall not be seen; and he passes through the circle of heaven. 15 Wilt thou not mark the old way, which righteous men have trodden? 16 who were seized before their time: their foundations are as an overflowing stream. 17 Who say, What will the Lord do to us? or what will the Almighty bring upon us? 18 Yet he filled their houses with good things: but the counsel for the wicked is far from him. 19 The righteous have seen it, and laughed, and the blameless one has derided them. 20 Verily their substance has been utterly destroyed, and the fire shall devour what is left of their property.

21 Be firm, I pray thee, if thou canst endure; then thy fruit shall prosper. 22 And receive a declaration from his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart. 23 And if thou shalt turn and humble thyself before the Lord, thou hast thus removed unrighteousness far from thy habitation. 24 Thou shalt lay up for thyself treasure in a heap on the rock; and Sophir shall be as the rock of the torrent. 25 So the Almighty shall be thy helper from enemies, and he shall bring thee forth pure as silver that has been tried by fire. 26 Then shalt thou have boldness before the Lord, looking up cheerfully to heaven. 27 And he shall hear thee when thou prayest to him, and he shall grant thee power to pay thy vows. 28 And he shall establish to thee again a habitation of righteousness and there shall be light upon thy paths. 29 Because thou hast humbled thyself; and thou shalt say, Man has behaved proudly, but he shall save him that is of lowly eyes. 30 He shall deliver the innocent, and do thou save thyself by thy pure hands.

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23:1 Then Job answered and said,

2 Yea, I know that pleading is out of my reach; and his hand has been made heavy upon my groaning. 3 Who would then know that I might find him, and come to an end of the matter? 4 And I would plead my own cause, and he would fill my mouth with arguments. 5 And I would know the remedies which he would speak to me, and I would perceive what he would tell me. 6 Though he should come on me in his great strength, then he would not threaten me; 7 for truth and reproof are from him; and he would bring forth my judgment to an end. 8 For if I shall go first, and exist no longer, still what do I know concerning the latter end?

9 When he wrought on the left hand, then I observed it not: his right hand shall encompass me but I shall not see it. 10 For he knows already my way; and he has tried me as gold. 11 And I will go forth according to his commandments, for I have kept his ways; and I shall not turn aside from his commandments, 12 neither shall I transgress; but I have hid his words in my bosom.

13 And if too he has thus judged, who is he that has contradicted, for he has both willed a thing and done it. 14 15 Therefore am I troubled at him; and when I was reproved, I thought of him. Therefore let me take good heed before him: I will consider, and be afraid of him.

16 But the Lord has softened my heart, and the Almighty has troubled me. 17 For I knew not that darkness would come upon me, and thick darkness has covered me before my face.