Job 17 to 20

Chapter 17

17:1 I perish, carried away by the wind, and I seek for burial, and obtain it not. 2 Weary I intreat; and what have I done? and strangers have stolen my goods. 3 Who is this? let him join hands with me. 4 For thou hast hid their heart from wisdom; therefore thou shalt not exalt them. 5 He shall promise mischief to his companions: but their eyes have failed for their children.

6 But thou has made me a byword amount the nations, and I am become a scorn to them. 7 For my eyes are dimmed through pain; I have been grievously beset by all. 8 Wonder has seized true men upon this; and let the just rise up against the transgressor. 9 But let the faithful hold on his own way, and let him that is pure of hands take courage. 10  Howbeit, do ye all strengthen yourselves and come now, for I do not find truth in you.

11 My days have passed in groaning, and my heart-strings are broken. 12 I have turned the night into day: the light is short because of darkness. 13 For if I remain, Hades is my habitation: and my bed has been made in darkness. 14 I have called upon death to be my father, and corruption to be my mother and sister. 15 Where then is yet my hope? or where shall I see my good? 16 Will they go down with me to Hades, or shall we go down together to the tomb?

Listen to Job Chapter 18Chapter 18

18:1  Then Baldad the Sauchite answered and said,

2 How long wilt thou continue? forbear, that we also may speak. 3 For wherefore have we been silent before thee like brutes? 4 Anger has possessed thee: for what if thou shouldest die; would the earth under heaven be desolate? or shall the mountains be overthrown from their foundations?

5 But the light of the ungodly shall be quenched, and their flame shall not go up. 6 His light shall be darkness in his habitation, and his lamp shall be put out with him. 7 Let the meanest of men spoil his goods, and let his counsel deceive him. 8 His foot also has been caught in a snare, and let it be entangled in a net. 9 And let snares come upon him: he shall strengthen those that thirst for his destruction. 10 His snare is hid in the earth, and that which shall take him is by the path. 11 Let pains destroy him round about, and let many enemies come about him, 12 vex him with distressing hunger: and a signal destruction has been prepared for him. 13 Let the soles of his feet be devoured: and death shall consume his beauty. 14 And let health be utterly banished from his tabernacle, and let distress seize upon him with a charge from the king. 15 It shall dwell in his tabernacle in his night: his excellency shall be sown with brimstone. 16 His roots shall be dried up from beneath, and his crop shall fall away from above. 17 Let his memorial perish out of the earth, and his name shall be publicly cast out. 18 Let one drive him from light into darkness. 19 He shall not be known among his people, nor his house preserved on the earth. 20 But strangers shall dwell in his possessions: the last groaned for him, and wonder seized the first.

21 These are the houses of the unrighteous, and this is the place of them that know not the Lord.

Listen to Job Chapter 19Chapter 19

19:1 Then Job answered and said,

2 How long will ye vex my soul, and destroy me with words? only know that the Lord has dealt with me thus. 3 Ye speak against me; ye do not feel for me, but bear hard upon me. 4 Yea verily, I have erred in truth, (but the error abides with myself) in having spoken words which it was not right to speak; and my words err, and are unreasonable. 5 But alas! for ye magnify yourselves against me, and insult me with reproach. 6 Know then that it is the Lord that has troubled me, and has raised his bulwark against me. 7 Behold, I laugh at reproach; I will not speak: or I will cry out, but there is nowhere judgment. 8 I am fenced round about, and can by no means escape: he has set darkness before my face. 9 And he has stripped me of my glory, and has taken the crown from my head. 10 He has torn me around about, and I am gone: and he has cut off my hope like a tree. 11 And he has dreadfully handled me in anger, and has counted me for an enemy. 12 His troops also came upon me with one accord, liars in wait compassed my ways.

13 My brethren have stood aloof from me; they have recognized strangers rather than me: and my friends have become pitiless. 14 My nearest of kin have not acknowledged me, and they that knew my name, have forgotten me. 15 As for my household, and my maid-servants, I was a stranger before them. 16 I called my servant, and he hearkened not; and my mouth intreated him. 17 And I besought my wife, and earnestly intreated the sons of my concubines. 18 But they rejected me for ever; whenever I rise up, they speak against me. 19 They that saw me abhorred me: the very persons whom I had loved, rose up against me. 20 My flesh is corrupt under my skin, and my bones are held in my teeth. 21 Pity me, pity me, O friends; for it is the hand of the Lord that has touched me. 22 Wherefore do ye persecute me as also the Lord does, and are not satisfied with my flesh?

23 For oh that my words were written, and that they were recorded in a book forever, 24 with an iron pen and lead, or graven in the rocks! 25 For I know that he is eternal who is about to deliver me, 26 and to raise up upon the earth my skin that endures these sufferings: for these things have been accomplished to me of the Lord; 27 which I am conscious of in myself, which mine eye has seen, and not another, but all have been fulfilled to me in my bosom.

28 But if ye shall also say, What shall we say before him, and so find the root of the matter in him? 29 Do ye also beware of deceit: for wrath will come upon transgressors; and then shall they know where their substance is.

Listen to Job Chapter 20Chapter 20

20:1 Then Sophar the Minaean answered and said,

2 I did not suppose that thou wouldest answer thus: neither do ye understand more than I. 3 I will hear my shameful reproach; and the spirit of my understanding answers me.

4 Hast thou not known these things of old, from the time that man was set upon the earth? 5 But the mirth of the ungodly is a signal downfall, and the joy of transgressors is destruction: 6 although his gifts should go up to heaven, and his sacrifice reach the clouds. 7 For when he shall seem to be now established, then he shall utterly perish: and they that knew him shall say, Where is he? 8 Like a dream that has fled away, he shall not be found; and he has fled like a vision of the night. 9 The eye has looked upon him, but shall not see him again; and his place shall no longer perceive him. 10 Let his inferiors destroy his children, and let his hands kindle the fire of sorrow. 11 His bones have been filled with vigour of his youth, and it shall lie down with him in the dust.

12 Though evil be sweet in his mouth, though he will hide it under his tongue; 13 though he will not spare it, and will not leave it, but will keep it in the midst of his throat: 14 yet he shall not at all be able to help himself; the gall of an asp is in his belly.

15 His wealth unjustly collected shall be vomited up; a messenger of wrath shall drag him out of his house. 16 And let him suck the poison of serpents, and let the serpent’s tongue slay him. 17 Let him not see the milk of the pastures, nor the supplies of honey and butter. 18 He has laboured unprofitably and in vain, for wealth of which he shall not taste: it is as a lean thing, unfit for food, which he cannot swallow. 19 For he has broken down the houses of many mighty men: and he has plundered an habitation, though he built it not. 20 There is no security to his possessions; he shall not be saved by his desire. 21 There is nothing remaining of his provisions; therefore his goods shall not flourish. 22 But when he shall seem to be just satisfied, he shall be straitened; and all distress shall come upon him.

23 If by any means he would fill his belly, let God send upon him the fury of wrath; let him bring a torrent of pains upon him. 24 And he shall by no means escape from the power of the sword; let the brazen bow wound him. 25 And let the arrow pierce through his body; and let the stars be against his dwelling-place: let terrors come upon him. 26 And let all darkness wait for him: a fire that burns not out shall consume him; and let a stranger plague his house. 27 And let the heaven reveal his iniquities, and the earth rise up against him. 28 Let destruction bring his house to an end; let a day of wrath come upon him. 29 This is the portion of an ungodly man from the Lord, and the possession of his goods appointed him by the all-seeing God.

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