Family sues UC Riverside fraternity over son’s death allegedly linked to hazing

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) — More than a year after Tyler Hilliard died from what his family alleges was a hazing incident, his family is suing the UC Riverside fraternity they claim is responsible for his death.

“We are suffering the loss,” Myeasha Hilliard, Tyler’s mother, said. “We suffer with it every day.”

Tyler, 20, was about to begin his junior year at University of California Riverside when he started pledging the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

On Sept. 15, 2018 fraternity members took the pledges to Mount Rubidoux in Riverside for a run.

“Tyler was subjected to harmful, humiliating and life-threatening hazing rituals that ended at Mount Roubidoux where he apparently collapsed and was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he died the following day,” Attorney Toni Jaramilla said. “We believe he was kicked in the chest as part of a hazing ritual.”

The family is suing the fraternity and the UC Riverside chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. They are not suing the university. Riverside police are investigating.

Hazing in the state of California is illegal.

The fraternity’s website states the organization is against hazing.

A week before Tyler died, his parents say he ended up in the hospital after an alleged hazing incident.

Tyler’s father, William, said: “We’d like for anyone to come forward with more information than what we’ve already received. And I’m sure there’s a whole lot more than what we have knowledge of.”

His mother says there were other people up the mountain with Tyler and she hopes more of them will come forward.

We reached out to the fraternity’s national headquarters in Baltimore asking for comment. So far they haven’t gotten back to us.

Alert Guys: A Molestation Trap For You!

The Male Factor (TMF)

Please have your complete attention to this news item on Time of India on 1st December –


This news says a group of women aged between 38 to 50 uses molest trap for ready cash. They were caught when they tried their hand on a lawyer who was accompanied by his wife and other law clerks.

Ladies: Who don’t want this easy way of making money and who still has some humanity left in them, – Do you all see how fast trustworthiness of all women can go away from this type of news?

If yes, are you all ready to extend the treatment that any man would have extended to another man caught for robbery, theft or pickpocket? You know what treatment I mean. If you can’t do this, please don’t expect any respect for yourself. These are the women who will take away all respects from all women…

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Bible in Chronological Order : Job 14 – 16

Chapter 14

14:1 For a mortal born of a woman is short lived, and full of wrath. 2 Or he falls like a flower that has bloomed; and he departs like a shadow, and cannot continue. 3 Hast thou not taken account even of him, and caused him to enter into judgment before thee? 4 For who shall be pure from uncleanness? not even one; 5 if even his life should be but one day upon the earth: and his months are numbered by him: thou hast appointed him for a time, and he shall by no means exceed it.

6 Depart from him, that he may be quiet, and take pleasure in his life, though as a hireling. 7 For there is hope for a tree, even if it should be cut down, that it shall blossom again, and its branch shall not fail. 8 For though its root should grow old in the earth, and its stem die in the rock; 9 it will blossom from the scent of water, and will produce a crop, as one newly planted. 10 But a man that has died is utterly gone; and when a mortal has fallen, he is no more. 11 For the sea wastes in length of time, and a river fails and is dried up. 12 And man that has lain down in death shall certainly not rise again till the heaven be dissolved, and they shall not awake from their sleep.

13 For oh that thou hadst kept me in the grave, and hadst hidden me until thy wrath should cease, and thou shouldest set me a time in which thou wouldest remember me! 14 For if a man should die, shall he live again, having accomplished the days of his life? I will wait till I exist again? 15 Then shalt thou call, and I will hearken to thee: but do not thou reject the work of thine hands. 16 But thou hast numbered my devices: and not one of my sins shall escape thee? 17 An thou hast sealed up my transgressions in a bag, and marked if I have been guilty of any transgression unawares.

18 And verily a mountain falling will utterly be destroyed, and a rock shall be worn out of its place. 19 The waters wear the stones, and waters falling headlong overflow a heap of the earth: and thou destroyest the hope of man. 20 Thou drivest him to an end, and he is gone: thou settest thy face against him, and sendest him away; 21 and though his children be multiplied, he knows it not; and if they be few, he is not aware. 22 But his flesh is in pain, and his soul mourns.


Chapter 15

15:1 Then Eliphaz the Thaemanite answered and said,

2 Will a wise man give for answer a mere breath of wisdom? and does he fill up the pain of his belly, 3 reasoning with improper sayings, and with words wherein is no profit? 4 Hast not thou moreover cast off fear, and accomplished such words before the Lord? 5 Thou art guilty by the words of thy mouth, neither hast thou discerned the words of the mighty. 6 Let thine own mouth, and not me, reprove thee: and thy lips shall testify against thee.

7 What! art thou the first man that was born? or wert thou established before the hills? 8 Or hast thou heard the ordinance of the Lord? or has God used thee as his counsellor? and has wisdom come only to thee? 9 For what knowest thou, that, we know not? or what understandest thou, which we do not also? 10 Truly among us are both the old and very aged man, more advanced in days than thy father. 11 Thou hast been scourged for but few of thy sins: thou hast spoken haughtily and extravagantly.

12 What has thine heart dared? or what have thine eyes aimed at, 13 that thou hast vented thy rage before the Lord, and delivered such words from thy mouth? 14 For who, being a mortal, is such that he shall be blameless? or, who that is born of a woman, that he should be just? 15 Forasmuch as he trusts not his saints; and the heaven is not pure before him. 16 Alas then, abominable and unclean is man, drinking unrighteousness as a draught.

17 But I will tell thee, hearken to me; I will tell thee now what I have seen; 18 things wise men say, and their fathers have not hidden. 19 To them alone the earth was given, and no stranger came upon them. 20 All the life of the ungodly is spent in care, and the years granted to the oppressor are numbered. 21 And his terror is in his ears: just when he seems to be at peace, his overthrow will come. 22 Let him not trust that he shall return from darkness, for he has been already made over to the power of the sword. 23 And he has been appointed to be food for vultures; and he knows within himself that he is doomed to be a carcass: and a dark day shall carry him away as with a whirlwind. 24 Distress also and anguish shall come upon him: he shall fall as a captain in the first rank. 25 For he has lifted his hands against the Lord, and he has hardened his neck against the Almighty Lord. 26 And he has run against him with insolence, on the thickness of the back of his shield. 27 For he has covered his face with his fat, and made layers of fat upon his thighs. 28 And let him lodge in desolate cities, and enter into houses without inhabitant: and what they have prepared, others shall carry away.

29 Neither shall he at all grow rich, nor shall his substance remain: he shall not cast a shadow upon the earth. 30 Neither shall he in any wise escape the darkness: let the wind blast his blossom, and let his flower fall off. 31 Let him not think that he shall endure; for his end shall be vanity. 32 His harvest shall perish before the time, and his branch shall not flourish. 33 And let him be gathered as the unripe grape before the time, and let him fall as the blossom of the olive. 34 For death is the witness of an ungodly man, and fire shall burn the houses of them that receive gifts. 35 And he shall conceive sorrows, and his end shall be vanity, and his belly shall bear deceit.


Chapter 16

16:1 But Job answered and said,

2 I have heard many such things: poor comforters are ye all. 3 What! is there any reason in vain words? or what will hinder thee from answering? 4 I also will speak as ye do: if indeed your soul were in my soul’s stead, 5 then would I insult you with words, and I would shake my head at you. 6 And would there were strength in my mouth, and I would not spare the movement of my lips. 7 For if I should speak, I shall not feel the pain of my wound: and if I should be silent, how shall I be wounded the less?

8 But now he has made me weary, and a worn-out fool; and thou hast laid hold of me. 9 My falsehood has become a testimony, and has risen up against me: it has confronted me to my face.

10 In his anger he has cast me down; he has gnashed his teeth upon me: the weapons of his robbers have fallen upon me. 11  He has attacked me with the keen glances of his eyes; with his sharp spear he has smitten me down upon my knees; and they have run upon me with one accord.

12 For the Lord has delivered me into the hands of unrighteous men, and thrown me upon the ungodly. 13 When I was at peace he distracted me: he took me by the hair of the head, and plucked it out: he set me up as a mark. 14 They surrounded me with spears, aiming at my reins: without sparing me they poured out my gall upon the ground. 15 They overthrew me with fall upon fall: they ran upon me in their might. 16  They sewed sackcloth upon my skin, and my strength has been spent on the ground. 17 My belly has been parched with wailing, and darkness is on my eyelids. 18 Yet there was no injustice in my hands, and my prayer is pure.

19 Earth, cover not over the blood of my flesh, and let my cry have no place. 20 And now, behold, my witness is in heaven, and my advocate is on high. 21 Let my supplication come to the Lord, and let mine eye weep before him. 22 Oh that a man might plead before the Lord, even as the son of man with his neighbor! 23 But my years are numbered and their end come, and I shall go by the way by which I shall not return.