FAMILY IN DANGER? Teen Mom’s Leah Messer recruits mom and brother to ‘cult’ after failing to enlist co-stars

TEEN Mom star Leah Messer is recruiting her mom and brother to her alleged cult after co-star Kailyn Lowry and other celebrities refused to join the controversial group.

Leah, 27, her mother Dawn and brother Isaac travelled to Los Angeles, California over the weekend for Mastery in Transformational Training’s Basic Training event.

Dawn posted a series of Instagram photos on Tuesday, December 17 from the weekend.

The Teen Mom 2 grandma captioned the pictures: “Forever Grateful #Blessed.”

In the photos Leah, Dawn and Isaac wore name tags as they posed with other attendees.

Although Dawn didn’t hashtag the self-help group, other members posted photos from the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, which had the same interior as Dawn’s pictures.

Members used the hashtags #MITT and #Basics169.
On Mastery In Transformational Training’s website, a Basic Training event took place in Los Angeles from Wednesday, December 11 to Sunday, December 15.

Basic Training is the first of three steps in the self-help group, which costs $495 to participate.

The second step, The Advanced Course, goes for $1,195, while the final stage, Legacy Program, sets members back $1,595.

The mom of twins Ali and Aleeah, 10, and daughter Adalynn, 6, first posted about her involvement in MITT on October 7.

She captioned a photo: “A powerful, strong, trusting force we are. I love each and every single one of you!! You can count on my word! Each one of you have changed my life and we will forever be connected!!”


Then on October 22, she attempted to recruit Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna and Ricky Martin to the alleged cult by tagging them in tweets.

The MTV star wrote: “We the powerful, authentic, revolutionary leaders of LP16HEAVEN are committed to creating a world of LOVE, FREEDOM, and UNITY!”

Leah then tried to recruit fans through Instagram live on December 1.

But the reality star’s attempts proved unsuccessful, as released a series of messages between co-star Kailyn, 27, and a fan who discussed joining the organization with Leah.

Kailyn allegedly said in the messages: “I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose her as a friend but I also don’t think any of this is ok.”

The mother of three continued in the messages, “Unfortunately those programs target weak people who can be manipulated.”

In 2018, GQ published an article written by a former MITT member entitled, “My Life Cleanse: One Month Inside L.A.’s Cult of Betterness.”

The article explained how the group’s founder, Margo Majdi, purchased the rights to Lifestring trainings from John Hanley.

Lifespring was around in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Six people died during group exercises and 35 trainees sued Lifespring.

But despite the controversy, Leah continues to participate in and defend the organization.

She commented on a December 8, 2019 photo she posted from a MITT event: “I don’t deserve this energy, I don’t deserve this hate!

“I’ll continue to stand for what I believe in and share my truth. You can appreciate me for who I am or you can unfollow me. I will attract an audience that believes in my vision for my life and the world or you never supported me to begin with, you just ‘follow’ me for your own social media satisfaction.”

Brooklyn: Bullying Muslim Community Patrol officers get bullied back by the Bloods

hristian Action Network Exclusive. “Officers” of New York’s Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCP&S) became embroiled in a heated exchange with notoriously violent Blood gang members outside the Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn, New York earlier this month.

MCP&S is a nonprofit security organization that drew nationwide attention last year after rolling out police-cruiser-like vehicles in New York City with the stated goal of enforcing Sharia law on Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Bloods are a violent African-American street gang known for trafficking drugs and guns. The criminal organization has made national headlines with targeted assassinations, drive-by shootings and deadly gun battles with law enforcement.

The Dec. 10 verbal altercation began in the evening when a teenage boy allegedly “disrespected” a Muslim woman outside the Brooklyn mosque on Fulton Street. The boy did not touch the woman, bystanders say, but did speak to her.

An MCP&S member, after hearing “disrespectful” words, grabbed the teen by the collar and threw him against the gate of the Masjid Taqwa. While the boy was pressed firmly against the fence, the MCP&S member held him by the neck and lectured him.

“That MCP officer snatched that boy up,” one witness said. “He grabbed him by the collar and threw him up against the gate and held onto him by the neck area.”

The rebuke caused the boy to complain to his father, a senior member of the local Bloods. The father rallied six other Blood members to join him at the Masjid Taqwa, where at least one Blood brandished a weapon.

“One of them was strapped,” a witness said of a Blood member who had a firearm. “He raised his jacket and flashed that gun. Those dudes came out there to shoot up that Masjid. The father, he wanted to mess that MCP officer up.”

The father told the MCP&S officer, “Dude, I’m going to bust in your f—— mouth if you ever put your hands on my child again.”

Fearing for his safety, the MCP&S officer called for backup. Soon several other MCP&S patrol cars arrived with sirens screaming and lights flashing.

Witnesses reported mutual shouting as the Bloods confronted the MCP&S officer, who was quickly shoved into the mosque by his comrades in an effort to protect him.

“It was going to be something big out there,” one witness said. “The Bloods were shouting, ‘You all are running around here playing like you’re the real police. You all want to put your hands on these little kids. We don’t give a f— about your Masjid.  F— your Masjid.”

Some bystanders also reportedly taunted the MCP&S officers, shouting, “Put your hands on me! Come on, put your hands on me!”

As tensions rose, an NYPD patrol unit arrived and used its loudspeaker to tell the two arguing factions to “disperse” and to “keep it moving.”

One witness familiar with the Bloods said, “These Blood dudes are from 8th Avenue in Brooklyn and they are one of the harder core Bloods over there. So those MCP officers are going to get some beef.”

As the Bloods dispersed, one Blood member turned and told the MCP&S officers, “This is not over. It’s just begun.”


Bullying Muslim Community Patrol ‘officers’ get bullied back … by the BLOODS!

Islamic Racism: New Jersey Man Threatens to Burn ‘Blacks’ and Christians…

A New Jersey man has been arrested over a series of disturbing YouTube videos in which he said he wanted to kill blacks, Christians and soldiers — and even burned to death a parakeet, according to authorities.

Mostafa Hussaini, 34, of Totowa, was arrested by federal agents in Florida after Miami cops were alerted to death threats made on his YouTube channel while he appeared to be staying in the Sunshine State, according to court documents.

“Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like black people,” he says in one video posted on Dec. 8, during which he poured gasoline onto an open grill in a public space, according to the documents.

“This gasoline, imagine burning some black soldiers — they are going to look very black,” he said in the recording, claiming to be able to “burn thousands, millions of them.”

In other footage, Hussaini is seen at a car dealership bragging about how vehicles can be used in mass killings — while another shows him encouraging people to carry firearms “everywhere” in Miami.

“If you have a machine gun, bring your machine gun,” he says in the video, according to prosecutors.

“I don’t like blacks, Spanish, some white, but there is no whites in Miami,” he added.

In another posted in October, he even burned a parakeet to death — naming it “Jesus” as a symbol of the Christians he wants to kill, according to the documents.

Bible in Chronological Order: Job 10 – 13

Chapter 10

10:1 Weary in my soul, I will pour my words with groans upon him: I will speak being straitened in the bitterness of my soul. 2 And I will say to the Lord, Do not teach me to be impious; and wherefore hast thou thus judged me? 3 Is it good before thee if I be unrighteous? for thou hast disowned the work of thy hands, and attended to the counsel of the ungodly. 4 Or dost thou see as a mortal sees? or wilt thou look as a man sees? 5 Or is thy life human, or thy years the years of a man, 6 that thou hast enquired into mine iniquity, and searched out my sins? 7 For thou knowest that I have not committed iniquity: but who is he that can deliver out of thy hands?

8 Thy hands have formed me and made me; afterwards thou didst change thy mind, and smite me. 9 Remember that thou hast made me as clay, and thou dost turn me again to earth. 10 Hast thou not poured me out like milk, and curdled me like cheese? 11 And thou didst clothe me with skin and flesh, and frame me with bones and sinews. 12 And thou didst bestow upon me life and mercy, and thy oversight has preserved my spirit. 13 Having these things in thyself, I know that thou canst do all things; for nothing is impossible with thee.

14 And if I should sin, thou watchest me; and thou hast not cleared me from iniquity. 15 Or if I should be ungodly, woe is me: and if I should be righteous, I cannot lift myself up, for I am full of dishonour. 16 For I am hunted like a lion for slaughter; for again thou hast changed and art terribly destroying me; 17 renewing against me my torture: and thou hast dealt with me in great anger, and thou hast brought trials upon me.

18 Why then didst thou bring me out of the womb? and why did I not die, and no eye see me, 19 and I become as if I had not been? for why was I not carried from the womb to the grave? 20 Is not the time of my life short? suffer me to rest a little, 21 before I go whence I shall not return, to a land of darkness and gloominess; 22 to a land of perpetual darkness, where there is no light, neither can any one see the life of mortals.

Listen to Job Chapter 11Chapter 11

11:1 Then Sophar the Minaean answered and said,

2 He that speaks much, should also hear on the other side: or does the fluent speaker think himself to be righteous? blessed is the short lived offspring of woman. 3 Be not a speaker of many words; for is there none to answer thee? 4 For say not, I am pure in my works, and blameless before him.

5 But oh that the Lord would speak to thee, and open his lips to thee! 6 Then shall he declare to thee the power of wisdom; for it shall be double of that which is with thee: and then shalt thou know, that a just recompence of thy sins has come to thee from the Lord.

7 Wilt thou find out the traces of the Lord? or hast thou come to the end of that which the Almighty has made? 8 Heaven is high; and what wilt thou do? and there are deeper things than those in hell; what dost thou know? 9 Or longer than the measure of the earth, or the breadth of the sea.

10 And if he should overthrow all things, who will say to him, What hast thou done? 11 For he knows the works of transgressors; and when he sees wickedness, he will not overlook it.

12 But man vainly buoys himself up with words; and a mortal born of woman is like an ass in the desert.

13 For if thou hast made thine heart pure, and liftest up thine hands towards him; 14 if there is any iniquity in thy hands, put if far from thee, and let not unrighteousness lodge in thy habitation. 15 For thus shall thy countenance shine again, as pure water; and thou shalt divest thyself of uncleanness, and shalt not fear. 16 And thou shalt forget trouble, as a wave that has passed by; and thou shalt not be scared. 17 And thy prayer shall be as the morning star, and life shall arise to thee as from the noonday. 18 And thou shalt be confident, because thou hast hope; and peace shall dawn to thee from out of anxiety and care. 19 For thou shalt be at ease, and there shall be no one to fight against thee; and many shall charge, and make supplication to thee. 20 But safety shall fail them; for their hope is destruction, and the eyes of the ungodly shall waste away.

Chapter 12

12:1 And Job answered and said,

2 So then ye alone are men, and wisdom shall die with you? 3 But I also have a heart as well as you. 4 For a righteous and blameless man has become a subject for mockery. 5 For it had been ordained that he should fall under others at the appointed time, and that his houses should be spoiled by transgressors: let not however any one trust that, being evil, he shall be held guiltless, 6 even as many as provoke the Lord, as if there were indeed to be no inquisition made of them.

7 But ask now the beasts, if they may speak to thee; and the birds of the air, if they may declare to thee. 8 Tell the earth, if it may speak to thee: and the fishes of the sea shall explain to thee. 9 Who then has not known in all these things, that the hand of the Lord has made them? 10 Whereas the life of all living things is in his hand, and the breath of every man.

11 For the ear tries words, and the palate tastes meats. 12 In length of time is wisdom, and in long life knowledge. 13 With him are wisdom and power, with him counsel and understanding. 14 If he should cast down, who will build up? if he should shut up against man, who shall open? 15 If he should withhold the water, he will dry the earth: and if he should let it loose, he overthrows and destroys it. 16 With him are strength and power: he has knowledge and understanding. 17 He leads counsellors away captive, and maddens the judges of the earth. 18 He seats kings upon thrones, and girds their loins with a girdle. 19 He sends away priests into captivity, and overthrows the mighty ones of the earth. 20 He changes the lips of the trusty, and he knows the understanding of the elders. 21 He pours dishonour upon princes, and heals the lowly. 22 Revealing deep things out of darkness: and he has brought into light the shadow of death. 23 Causing the nations to wander, and destroying them: overthrowing the nations, and leading them away. 24 Perplexing the minds of the princes of the earth: and he causes them to wander in a way, they have not known, saying, 25 Let them grope in darkness, and let there be no light, and let them wander as a drunken man.

Listen to Job Chapter 13Chapter 13

13:1 Behold, mine eye has seen these things, and mine ear has heard them. 2 And I know all that ye too know; and I have not less understanding than you.

3 Nevertheless I will speak to the Lord, and I will reason before him, if he will. 4 But ye are all bad physicians, and healers of diseases. 5 But would that ye were silent, and it would be wisdom to you in the end.

6 But hear ye the reasoning of my mouth, and attend to the judgment of my lips. 7 Do ye not speak before the Lord, and utter deceit before him? 8 Or will ye draw back? nay do, ye yourselves be judges. 9 For it were well if he would thoroughly search you: for though doing all things in your power ye should attach yourselves to him, 10 he will not reprove you at all the less: but if moreover ye should secretly respect persons, 11 shall not his whirlpool sweep you round, and terror from him fall upon you? 12 And your glorying shall prove in the end to you like ashes, and your body like a body of clay.

13 Be silent, that I may speak, and cease from mine anger, 14 while I may take my flesh in my teeth, and put my life in my hand. 15 Though the Mighty One should lay hand upon me, forasmuch as he has begun, verily I will speak, and plead before him. 16 And this shall turn to me for salvation; for fraud shall have no entrance before him. 17 Hear, hear ye my words, for I will declare in your hearing. 18 Behold, I am near my judgment: I know that I shall appear evidently just. 19 For who is he that shall plead with me, that I should now be silent, and expire?

20 But grant me two things: then I will not hide myself from thy face. 21 Withhold thine hand from me: and let not thy fear terrify me. 22 Then shalt thou call, and I will hearken to thee: or thou shalt speak, and I will give thee an answer. 23 How many are my sins and my transgressions? teach me what they are.

24 Wherefore hidest thou thyself from me, and deemest me thine enemy? 25 Wilt thou be startled at me, as at a leaf shaken by the wind? or wilt thou set thyself against me as against grass borne upon the breeze? 26 for thou hast written evil things against me, and thou hast compassed me with the sins of my youth. 27 And thou hast placed my foot in the stocks; and thou hast watched all my works, and hast penetrated my heels. 28 I am as that which waxes old like a bottle, or like a moth-eaten garment.