Bible in Chronological Order: Job 6:9

Chapter 6

6:1 But Job answered and said,

2 Oh that one would indeed weigh the wrath that is upon me, and take up my griefs in a balance together! 3 And verily they would be heavier than the sand by the seashore: but, as it seems, my words are vain. 4 For the arrows of the Lord are in my body, whose violence drinks up my blood: whenever I am going to speak, they pierce me. 5 What then? will the wild ass bray for nothing, if he is not seeking food? or again, will the ox low at the manger, when he has a fodder? 6 Shall bread be eaten without salt? or again, is there taste in empty words? 7 For my wrath cannot cease; for I perceive my food as the smell of a lion to be loathsome.

8 For oh that he would grant my desire, and my petition might come, and the Lord would grant my hope! 9 Let the Lord begin and wound me, but let him not utterly destroy me. 10 Let the grave be my city, upon the walls of which I have leaped: I will not shrink from it; for I have not denied the holy words of my God. 11 For what is my strength, that I continue? what is my time, that my soul endures? 12 Is my strength the strength of stones? or is my flesh of brass? 13 Or have I not trusted in him? but help is far from me.

14 Mercy has rejected me; and the visitation of the Lord has disregarded me. 15 My nearest relations have not regarded me; they have passed me by like a failing brook, or like a wave. 16 They who used to reverence me, now have come against me like snow or congealed ice. 17 When it has melted at the approach of heat, it is not known what it was. 18 Thus I also have been deserted of all; and I am ruined, and become an outcast. 19 Behold the ways of the Thaemanites, ye that mark the paths of the Sabaeans. 20 They too that trust in cities and riches shall come to shame. 21 But ye also have come to me without pity; so that beholding my wound ye are afraid. 22 What? have I made any demand of you? or do I ask for strength from you, 23 to deliver me from enemies, or to rescue me from the hand of the mighty ones?

24 Teach ye me, and I will be silent: if in anything I have erred, tell me. 25 But as it seems, the words of a true man are vain, because I do not ask strength of you. 26 Neither will your reproof cause me to cease my words, for neither will I endure the sound of your speech. 27 Even because ye attack the fatherless, and insult your friend. 28 But now, having looked upon your countenances, I will not lie. 29 Sit down now, and let there not be unrighteousness; and unite again with the just. 30 For there is no injustice in my tongue; and does not my throat meditate understanding?

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7:1 Is not the life of man upon earth a state of trial? and his existence as that of a hireling by the day? 2 Or as a servant that fears his master, and one who has grasped a shadow? or as a hireling waiting for his pay? 3 So have I also endured months of vanity, and nights of pain have been appointed me. 4 Whenever I lie down, I say, When will it be day? and whenever I rise up, again I say when will it be evening? and I am full of pains from evening to morning. 5 And my body is covered with loathsome worms; and I waste away, scraping off clods of dust from my eruption. 6 And my life is lighter than a word, and has perished in vain hope. 7 Remember then that my life is breath, and mine eye shalt not yet again see good. 8 The eye of him that sees me shall not see me again: thine eyes are upon me, and I am no more. 9 I am as a cloud that is cleared away from the sky: for if a man go down to the grave, he shall not come up again: 10 and he shall surely not return to his own house, neither shall his place know him any more. 11 Then neither will I refrain my mouth: I will speak being in distress; being in anguish I will disclose the bitterness of my soul.

12 Am I a sea, or a serpent, that thou hast set a watch over me? 13 I said that my bed should comfort me, and I would privately counsel with myself on my couch. 14 Thou scarest me with dreams, and dost terrify me with visions. 15 Thou wilt separate life from my spirit; and yet keep my bones from death. 16 For I shall not live for ever, that I should patiently endure: depart from me, for my life is vain. 17 For what is man, that thou hast magnified him? or that thou givest heed to him? 18 Wilt thou visit him till the morning, and judge him till the time of rest? 19 How long dost thou not let me alone, nor let me go, until I shall swallow down my spittle? 20 If I have sinned, what shall I be able to do, O thou that understandest the mind of men? why hast thou made me as thine accuser, and why am I a burden to thee? 21 Why hast thou not forgotten my iniquity, and purged my sin? but now I shall depart to the earth; and in the morning I am no more.

Chapter 8

8:1 Then Baldad the Sauchite answered, and said,

2 How long wilt thou speak these things, how long shall the breath of thy mouth be abundant in words? 3 Will the Lord be unjust when he judges; or will he that has made all things pervert justice? 4 If thy sons have sinned before him, he has cast them away because of their transgression.

5 But be thou early in prayer to the Lord Almighty. 6 If thou art pure and true, he will hearken to thy supplication, and will restore to thee the habitation of righteousness. 7 Though then thy beginning should be small, yet thy end should be unspeakably great.

8 For ask of the former generation, and search diligently among the race of our fathers: 9 (for we are of yesterday, and know nothing; for our life upon the earth is a shadow:) 10 shall not these teach thee, and report to thee, and bring out words from their heart? 11 Does the rush flourish without water, or shall the flag grow up without moisture? 12 When it is yet on the root, and though it has not been cut down, does not any herb wither before it has received moisture? 13 Thus then shall be the end of all that forget the Lord: for the hope of the ungodly shall perish. 14 For his house shall be without inhabitants, and his tent shall prove a spider’s web. 15 If he should prop up his house, it shall not stand: and when he has taken hold of it, it shall not remain. 16 For it is moist under the sun, and his branch shall come forth out of his dung-heap. 17 He lies down upon a gathering of stones, and shall live in the mist of flints. 18 If God should destroy him, his place shall deny him. Hast thou not seen such things, 19 that such is the overthrow of the ungodly? and out of the earth another shall grow.

20 For the Lord will by no means reject the harmless man; but he will not receive any gift of the ungodly. 21 But he will fill with laughter the mouth of the sincere, and their lips with thanksgiving. 22 But their adversaries shall clothe themselves with shame; and the habitation of the ungodly shall perish.

Chapter 9

9:1 Then Job answered and said,

2 I know of a truth that it is so: for how shall a mortal man be just before the Lord? 3 For if he would enter into judgment with him, God would not hearken to him, so that he should answer to one of his charges of a thousand. 4 For he is wise in mind, and mighty, and great: who has hardened himself against him and endured? 5 Who wears out the mountains, and men know it not: who overturns them in anger. 6 Who shakes the earth under heaven from its foundations, and its pillars totter. 7 Who commands the sun, and it rises not; and he seals up the stars. 8 Who alone has stretched out the heavens, and walks on the sea as on firm ground. 9 Who makes Pleias, and Hesperus, and Arcturus, and the chambers of the south. 10 Who does great and unsearchable things; glorious also and excellent things, innumerable.

11 If ever he should go beyond me, I shall not see him: if he should pass by me, neither thus have I known it. 12 If he would take away, who shall turn him back? or who shall say to him, What hast thou done? 13 For if he has turned away his anger, the whales under heaven have stooped under him. 14 Oh then that he would hearken to me, or judge my cause. 15 For though I be righteous, he will not hearken to me: I will intreat his judgment. 16 And if I should call and he should not hearken, I cannot believe that he has listened to my voice.

17 Let him not crush me with a dark storm: but he has made by bruises many without cause. 18 For he suffers me not to take breath, but he has filled me with bitterness. 19 For indeed he is strong in power: who then shall resist his judgment? 20 For though I should seem righteous, my mouth will be profane: and though I should seem blameless, I shall be proved perverse. 21 For even if I have sinned, I know it not in my soul: but my life is taken away.

22 Wherefore I said, Wrath slays the great and mighty man. 23 For the worthless die, but the righteous are laughed to scorn. 24 For they are delivered into the hands of the unrighteous man: he covers the faces of the judges of the earth: but if it be not he, who is it? 25 But my life is swifter than a post: my days have fled away, and they knew it not. 26 Or again, is there a trace of their path left by ships? or is there one of the flying eagle as it seeks its prey? 27 And if I should say, I will forget to speak, I will bow down my face and groan; 28 I quake in all my limbs, for I know that thou wilt not leave me alone as innocent.

29 But since I am ungodly, why have I not died? 30 For if I should wash myself with snow, and purge myself with pure hands, 31 thou hadst thoroughly plunged me in filth, and my garment had abhorred me. 32 For thou art not man like me, with whom I could contend, that we might come together to judgment. 33 Would that he our mediator were present, and a reprover, and one who should hear the cause between both. 34 Let him remove his rod from me, and let not his fear terrify me: 35 so shall I not be afraid, but I will speak: for I am not thus conscious of guilt.



Liberal Media Ignore Democrat Michael Bloomberg Telling Pregnant Employee to “Kill It”

CBS News and NBC News were the respective former homes of serial sexual harassers Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, before they were exposed publicly. Those networks were now ignoring the three sexual harassment lawsuits leveled against Bloomberg L.P., the financial and media company founded by 2020 Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg. Credit where it’s due, ABC News had aired their investigative report on the matter during their Good Morning America and World News Tonight flagship programs on Monday.

“Tonight, new questions about Michael Bloomberg and the company he founded that made him a billionaire. ABC News has learned that Bloomberg’s company is currently facing three lawsuits for sexual harassment and gender inequality,” reported chief national correspondent Tom Llamas Monday evening. “The lawyer who brought those cases says Michael Bloomberg fostered a sexist corporate culture.”

The charges currently being litigated were filed dating back to 2016. During World News Tonight, Llamas reminded viewers that Bloomberg once faced charges similar back in the ’90s, including pressuring a woman to kill her unborn baby to keep her job:

LLAMAS: He’s faced similar accusations before. In the 1990s, one of his regional sales managers, Sekiko Sakai, claimed in a legal complaint she told Bloomberg she was pregnant.

BONNIE JOSEPHS (Sekiko Sakai’s former lawyer): She thought he would be pleased that she was pregnant. She said that to him. And he said to her, “Kill it.”

LLAMAS: Sakai resigned shortly after her child was born and filed a lawsuit alleging that she “Understood the statement of Michael Bloomberg to mean that I should have an abortion to keep my job.”

“If Mr. Bloomberg is running for president I think the public needs to know what actually happened in his business,” Josephs told ABC in a soundbite aired on GMA.

Llamas noted the accusations against Bloomberg closely matched quotes attributed to the billionaire in a 1990 book called The Portable Bloomberg: The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg.

“If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of to Bloomingdales,” one quote read. Another said: “I know for a fact any self-respecting woman who walks past a construction site doesn’t get a whistle will turn around and walk past again and again until she does get one.”

In an interview with ABC which aired on GMA, Donna Clancy, the lawyer for the three women currently suing Bloomberg’s company, told Llamas: “We have investigated the company for the last four years and the culture is such that women are not valued, in fact, they’re objectified.”

“And Clancy says there’s a reason why voters may have never heard of other allegations like these,” Llamas added. “It’s because Bloomberg’s company agreed to financial settlements with nondisclosure agreements attached silencing the women who are complaining.”

This reporting by ABC and the silence from CBS and NBC, came three weeks after they boasted about Bloomberg announcing his presidential campaign and ignored his manipulation of Bloomberg News to be solely against President Trump.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.

Liberal Media Ignore Democrat Michael Bloomberg Telling Pregnant Employee to “Kill It”