Must read: 2018 New York Times Op-Ed admits that the Neo-Nazi alt-right has an Asian fetish. Cites many of the most prominent examples of White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and Alt-Right figureheads with Asian wives and girlfriends, all taken from my research – because “white women are too feminist.” Why we should be very afraid of more mass shootings ala Stephen Paddock and Elliot Rodger.

"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, "weird," anti-social, anti-diversity, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian men marry "traditional, family oriented," status-obsessed, racist asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian - and hear "no asian guys", and have to deal with constant racism against asian men? An honest appraisal of self hatred and frightening sociology.

The below article was written as a result of the author finding my work; her examples were taken directly from my blog, and I firmly believe that we will be seeing the result of the children being raised by cold, calculating, racist, Eurocentric, power-hungry Asian Tiger Mothers and white, “strange,” (and sometimes non-white) racist fathers shortly. Society had better start talking about this now, rather than after the next major white supremacist shooting involving an Asian woman. The choice is yours.

During the current climate of progress, all bolstered by a global internet culture, it is only a matter of time before the true nature of our horrible Tiger Moms, their white supremacy, and our fathers’ behavioe becomes common knowledge.

I really am half-Chinese. I look clearly very Asian (despite what self-hating, pragmatist Asian people believe), or at least, I definitely don’t look like an Anglo-American, meaning that I’m not…

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