Are SYSBM Brothers “Complaining” About Black Women?

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


By now I’m sure that you’ve all come across and read the above article written by the leftist pro black female/black women first, double cream certified simp named Aaron Fountain that claims to take a critical look at the SYSBM movement. One of the main talking points in his article is that SYSBM is a misogynistic philosophy, however this claim is soon to be realised as beyond ridiculous when you read the tenets of the SYSBM Basic Fundamentals Of The Lifestyle article.

Fountain in his article additionally levies the accusation that SYSBM is “anti black”, yet here we are at Slaying Evil, a group of free thinking black men congregating, communicating and networking amongst each other, so much for us being “anti black”. No, the truth of the matter is SYSBM is ANTI SCUM, ANTI DYSFUNCTIONAL BLACK FEMALE AND ANTI DYSFUNCTIONAL BLACK COMMUNITY, this can clearly be observed…

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