Cornell IFC Fraternities Ban Social Events for Fall Semester

Cornell’s Interfraternity Council canceled nearly all regulated fraternity events for the rest of the fall semester Friday night, citing safety concerns.

The ban — which will run until Jan. 1, 2020 — cited recent events as a catalyst which had made “inherent safety hazards” apparent within the existing Greek life social system.

The ban excludes a maximum of three “date nights” or formal events with a member-to-guest ratio of 1:1 hosted at a “licensed, third party venue or the Chapter house while utilizing licensed 3rd party resources,” which included approved bartenders and security personnel.

“We have an obligation to protect the safety of both our members, our guests, and the larger Cornell community and we believe that taking this action allows us to draw back and reassess our shortcomings and enact substantial change,” reads the ban, cosigned by all IFC fraternity presidents except those representing Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Kappa Psi. The presidents did not reply to The Sun’s emailed requests for comment Friday evening.

“Everyone was given notice and opportunity to come, voice opinions, vote, and sign,” said IFC President Cristian Gonzalez ’20.

President Martha E. Pollack said that the death of Tsialas at an “unregistered fraternity-sponsored event” was part of a pattern of problems in Greek life in a campus-wide email Friday evening.

“These events, still under investigation, regrettably follow a pattern of misconduct in the Greek-letter system, a pattern that is emblematic of enduring problems that we, as a community, must recommit ourselves to solving,” Pollack wrote. “Indeed, despite substantially enhanced Greek Life outreach, training and policy development over the last two years, numerous fraternities have been found to have engaged in misconduct over that time sufficient to merit suspension of their recognition by the university.”

Cornell IFC Fraternities Ban Social Events for Fall Semester

Scraggel Daggle Tiffany Haddish Poops In Her Boyfriend’s Sneakers

Tiffany Haddish took no crap from a boyfriend who was unfaithful. So she defecated in his high-end sneakers.

In a Bleacher Report interview posted Monday (see the 8:00 mark above), the “Girls Trip” star told the Toronto Raptors’ Serge Ibaka about the time she pulled the disgusting deed on a philandering ex. And she tricked him into putting on his prized kicks before he realized what he had stepped into.

“He cheated on me on videotape on my birthday,” she said without elaborating.

“I felt like he had poo’d on my soul, so then I decided to poop in the sole of his shoes,” she continued.

Haddish, 39, has previously said she pulled the fecal retribution when she was 21.

She told Ibaka she plotted the prank beforehand, eating a distinctive food because she thought it would ensure her boyfriend would know the poop was human, and explained how she soiled the new Jordans and put them back in the box as if nothing had happened.

Then she invited him to play basketball, as they often did.

Once he placed his foot into the sneakers, Haddish said she hotfooted it out of the house, figuring he wouldn’t give chase for one important reason.

Horrifying moment a scraggle daggle beats her son, 7, with a belt and threatens to ‘break his face’

A mother beat her seven-year-old with a belt and threatened to ‘break his face’ for disrespecting his teacher in front of two staff members in Texas.

The unnamed woman was filmed hauling the child out of the elementary school in Beaumont by the scruff of his neck.

The mother can be heard swearing as well as using the n-word as she lashes the child with the belt while two staff members stand-by, appearing to do nothing to intervene.

‘Sorry,’ the boy wails in desperation while his furious mother continues to beat him


After the whipping, she pulls her son over to the staff and gets in his face, saying: ‘Are we gonna have this problem anymore? No? Cos if I’ve gotta come back up here, it’s me and you n*****. It’s me and you.’

She continues: ‘If this m*********ing woman calls me again, Imma break your f***ing face. Do you hear me?’

The child’s sobbing reply: ‘Yes, mom.’

The video was viewed over 500,000 times before it was deleted from the social media website.

The Beaumont Independent School District and Child Protective Services have confirmed that they are investigating the incident, KFDM reported.

Feminista Jones Clearly Demonstrates Just How Damaged Black Women As A Group Are

Feminista Jones Clearly Demonstrates Just How Damaged Black Women As A Group Are

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Yep, the black siren Jones has recently come out and confessed that her addiction to and dealing with with the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grill and Midnight Freddy has left the witch permanently damaged to the point where she cannot function correctly around normal, masculine, grounded, educated, free thinking black men. What, did she believe that continually opening her legs to the dregs of black male society wouldn’t come with any long term negative effects/consequences?

Firstly, in light of the toxic rhetoric this woman has relentlessly been spreading regarding men in general, black men in particular, I really don’t understand how any black man or any man period for that matter with his head screwed on correctly could bring himself to go out on a date with this disjointed harpy. Feminista Jones represents everything that is wrong with modern day…

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