Woman reports fake rape to 911 when man refuses her demand for money

Metro Police say 41-year-old Chrissy Simpson called 911 to report she had been raped. At the same time, a man called 911 from the Motel 6 on Brick Church Pike to say Chrissy Simpson jumped into his vehicle, demanded money, refused to get out, and then called 911 to report he raped her when he wouldn’t comply.

The incident started at the Motel 6 area of Brick Church Pike, which is where police initially responded to a 911 call reporting a rape. A second caller was also calling 911 stating there was a female in his car, identified as Chrissy Simpson, who was refusing to exit his vehicle. He told police she jumped into his car and demanded money or she would call her friends to assault him. When he refused and told her he was going to call 911, she called 911 herself to say she had just been raped. The male victim had driven to 321 W. Trinity Lane where police met him and located the woman, who was then fleeing on foot.


Woman reports fake rape to 911 when man refuses her demand for money

PACE OHS Facilitator Amanda Jabbour Called an Asian Woman a mail order bride

Jabbour is listed as the Occupational Health and Safety Facilitator for the PACE Society, a charity focused on de-stigmatizing sex work and supporting sex workers. Jabbour is also the founder of Sault Ste. Marie Sex Workers’ Rights.


Contact the Pace Society and ask them why are they employing a racist


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