Jamaica: Man(BETA!) learns 5 kids are not his; still plans to marry woman

(JAMAICA STAR) — A Kingston man recently found out that five of his six children are not his after babymother, who he plans to marry soon, confessed to him.

The man, whose identity is being withheld to protect the children involved, said his common-law-wife suggested that DNA tests be done to determine the paternity of the six children. In all but one instance, the result was crushing: You are not the father!


The six children include four boys and two girls, ages 22, 18, 15, 12, 10 and six. Only the 15-year old carries his blood.

The man told THE STAR that his common-law-wife made some mistakes and he has forgiven her.

“Me live wid me baby mada fi 20-odd years now and me find out recently, that five out of six kids is not mine. But I am at peace still. She said she made a mistake and I can not kill her. Mi love fi har more dan how me did vex and notice me seh did. Me leggo dat now. We a big people and people make mistakes,” he said.

In April, THE STAR reported that a company that offers DNA testing in Jamaica disclosed that in 70 per cent of their tests the men who were named as fathers had nothing to do with the paternity of the children. In other words, seven in every 10 paternity tests conducted by the lab showed that the men were not the fathers.


Jamaica: Man learns 5 kids are not his; still plans to marry woman