The Tyrannical Approach to Dick Policing Black men: And why Black men are not answerable to non-Black men, pro blacks, and Black women.

Exposing The Emperor

holding the globe

Hello brothers,

I was inspired to write this after pondering about a recent viral sensation of a Black male YouTuber who was “outed” for being with a non-Black wife. Now I personally do not care who you or any others deal with. Frankly, I feel that most people naturally deal and prefer someone from their group and that some people are meant to go out of their respective groups. Still, this person had long been known for having a non-Black wife so it was not news to me.

The irony is that he had long attacked Black men online for being with White women, never minding their circumstances or mindset (ie color struck vs bad experiences with Black women). In his mind, a Black man was guilty just because he dealt with a White woman. Ironically, the person who “outed” him in her youth was once married to a White…

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