Ohio University suspends business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi

ATHENS, Ohio — Ohio University has suspended another organization.

Business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi received a cease and desist on Thursday.

In a letter sent to the fraternity, the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility said they received information about alleged conduct that puts their members at risk.

Under the suspension, the fraternity will not be allowed to meet in any capacity.

The suspension of the fraternity is the second to happen on Thursday. The men’s rugby team was also placed on suspension.

Earlier in October, the university suspended all fraternities after allegations of hazing at seven fraternities surfaced.

Last spring, the university suspended Sigma Pi for hazing, alcohol and drug use, and other student conduct code violations after the alleged hazing of an 18-year-old freshman who died in November.

To view a list of all suspended organizations, click here.


Woman files rape plaint after fiancé ignores phone calls

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A young couple, who were betrothed to each other, found themselves in a strange predicament on Tuesday after a fight between them blew out of proportion and the bride-to-be ended up filing a rape complaint against her fiancé.
This also led to the police arresting her 31-year-old fiance, slapping him with section 376 of IPC that pertains to rape. But soon, the police learned that the woman filed the complaint after her fiance ignored her repeated calls for a whole day.



Denmark to Revoke Citizenship from Danish ISIS Fighters

Amid concerns over returning fighters travelling to Europe from the conflict in Syria, the Danish government has announced plans to revoke citizenship from those who have taken up arms and joined terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in a statement: “These are people who have turned their backs on Denmark and fought with violence against our democracy and freedom. They pose a threat to our security. They are unwanted in Denmark.