Canada: People Party’s won’t act against candidate who called Islam “pure evil” and “not compatible with democracy”

“Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party says it won’t take action against one of its candidates in Nova Scotia who called Islam ‘pure evil’ and ‘not compatible with democracy’ in numerous social media posts.”

The problem in Canada, especially under anti-Islamophobia Motion M103 — which is intended to intimidate critics of Islam — is that people are still having discussions about Islam, but now these are private ones, under pressure and fear of reprisals. Most Canadians know instinctively that it is fascist to crack down on open discussion about any doctrine. Islam is a doctrine, not a race.

Undemocratic impositions upon citizens lead to frustration and concerns about the direction of the country. Sybil Hogg, the People’s Party of Canada candidate for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook, posted comments on Twitter and Facebook which were deemed to be anti-Muslim. She stated that “Islam should be banned” — which indeed is contrary to the religious rights and freedoms that Canadians enjoy. Nonetheless, given the realities about jihad terror globally, the human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings, and the current chaotic state of a once-peaceful Europe, Hogg expressed her thoughts on an issue that should be discussed: to what extent should a tolerant society tolerate a radically intolerant ideology?

Hogg later softened her position, and she stated something worthwhile amid the flurry of criticism she received: there needs to be a discussion about “Islamic entryism” into Canada under the Liberal government of Canada. She is correct, but open discussion about Islam in Canada has become taboo, as it has in many other once-free countries. The Islamic supremacist incursion into Judeo-Christian countries will continue to intensify with the stigmatization of all opposition.

“People’s Party won’t take action against N.S. candidate who called Islam ‘pure evil,’” CBC, October 10, 2019:

Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party says it won’t take action against one of its candidates in Nova Scotia who called Islam “pure evil” and “not compatible with democracy” in numerous social media posts.

Sybil Hogg, the PPC candidate for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook, made a series of posts on Twitter and Facebook with anti-Islam statements within the last year.

The posts include a response in March to a 2017 tweet from former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, sent after the minister visited a mosque just days after the deadly Quebec City mosque attack. Hogg’s response: “Islam is pure evil. Islam has no place in Canadian society.”

Johanne Mennie, executive director of PPC, told CBC News the party reached out to Hogg to “understand the context within which she expressed herself” and the candidate replied that she “failed to draw the distinction between ‘Islam’ the religion and ‘Islamism’ or ‘radical Islam.’”

According to the party, Hogg said her concern “is and always has been radical Islam rather than Islam” and that she believed it was time for a “conversation about Islamism and Islamic entryism” in Canada.

When asked Wednesday night to clarify whether that response satisfied the party, the PPC confirmed it wouldn’t be taking any action against her.

As of Thursday morning, none of Hogg’s social media posts had been removed….

Canada: People Party’s won’t act against candidate who called Islam “pure evil” and “not compatible with democracy”

Trans Comic Chanty Marostica Ripping Louis CK’s 5-night Stint at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto Outed as Violent Sexual Abuser







“Chanty” is a trans comic who won Sirius’s Next Top Comic and who Vice has championed as Canada’s answer to Hannah Gadsby. He/she showed up in Yuk Yuk’s Facebook comment section decrying that Louis CK was doing a 5-night residency at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto last week & advocated his deplatforming. He/she then proceeded to get outed in that same comment section for far worse offenses than CK’s. Yuk Yuk’s deleted all the comments, and Chanty deleted her Twitter account — but today he/she admitted to it all in a lengthy Facebook post (but did not admit to her hypocrisy, and cites her own supposed abuse and body dysmorphia as a rationaliization for her behaviour.)


Chanty Marostica: Jesus Christ. Y’all 1000% give zero shits about the women you employ. CONGRATS on a fun week. . . . You will sign so many women in the future who won’t say it to save their job, but it hurts every single time we are told that the abuse we incur in this world is acceptable. Every time you book an abuser, it stings. . . . booking Jeremy Piven and Louis CK for exactly THIS. The backlash, the negative press, the shock. It’s gross, unsurprising, lazy and archaic. I was assigned female at birth. I am allowed to have an opinion about your club purposely hiring people who abuse us.

Comedy Club Employee: When speaking about abusers, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Let’s open up the discussion to everyone in the community that you sexually or physically abused. So good day to you sir!

Fellow SJW Female Comic: I can confirm these accusations with knowledge of 4 more people who experienced abuse like I did and worse. Most folks know about their [Chanty’s] behaviour as a predator and gatekeeper. No one is willing to speak out or defend the young queer people who are subject to their [Chanty’s] violence. . . . I’m currently being threatened to stay quiet. Trying to figure out what my legal rights are before I say anything else. Thank you for all the support.