Step My Game Up For Broken Beyond Repair Products – Really Woman??

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Yep, this single mother of I believe 3 actually said that, according to Judith Israel black men should be stepping their game up for goods that simply aren’t worth the trouble. Now, from the looks of things she is claiming to be a Hebrew Israelite and a Muslim at the same time, both of which many black women today unfortunately are using in their efforts to try to repackage themselves in order to look attractive once again.

There is nothing attractive about a single mother of 3 children with stretch marks, saggy breasts and a post pregnancy belly, NOTHING. I always find it funny how black women as a collective typically squander their the majority of their lives away opening their legs to and getting knocked up by the likes of Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Shifty Sizzler, Blac Bloc, Two Snacks, Cheddar Boy and Chunky Bruh, only after…

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