Cal Poly fraternity put on probation for underage drinking, party registration violation

On the same day a Cal Poly fraternity made headlines for a viral video showing a member being waterboarded, the San Luis Obispo university quietly sanctioned a separate fraternity for providing alcohol to minors.

According to Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier, the Delta Upsilon chapter “was found to have violated university alcohol and party registration policies by having gatherings where alcohol was available to underage guests.”

The Cal Poly chapter was listed as “under investigation” on the university’s Greek Life sanctions page Friday morning, but by late afternoon, its status had been changed to “on sanctions.”

Lazier said Cal Poly launched an investigation into Delta Upsilon over the summer after it was notified by the chapter that it was being investigated by its national headquarters.

Lazier added that the fraternity chapter also violated its national headquarters’ substance-free housing policy.

Delta Upsilon is on probation through winter quarter 2020. Lazier said the fraternity chapter must “demonstrate exemplary compliance with university policies” during that time.

Founded in 1955, Delta Upsilon was the first recognized fraternity at Cal Poly, according to the chapter’s website.

According to the national headquarters’ website, Delta Upsilon “is the world’s oldest non-secret, non-hazing fraternity.” The organization has 72 chapters across the United States and Canada.

A request for comment from Cal Poly’s Interfraternity Council, the governing body for the university’s traditional fraternities, was not returned Friday evening.

Muslims Complain That The National Anthem Is ‘Oppressive’ And a Method of ‘Forced Assimilation’

According to recent reports from Australia, the national anthem of that country for a majority of Muslims is “oppressive,” or at least that is the claim that the Islamist activist group Hizb ut-Tahrir claimed at the “Innocent Until Proven Muslim” conference at Bankstown,

The conference was attended by about 800 people. A key issue raised at the conference by the group was Muslim children being required to sing the Australian national anthem at school.

“The Australian anthem is based upon a particular view in history, it is a reading of history, and it is a statement which conforms to particular values. Now, if one does not share those values, why would they express it?” Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman, Hamzah Quereshi, told The Daily Telegraph. [6] [13] Uthman Badar, the main spokesman for the group, claims that the Australian government “claims to afford freedom, but seeks to impose values and beliefs” on Muslims.

He continued; “It’s not enough that you obey the law, no, you have to adopt our values.” “If you don’t share those values, why should they be forced to sing it?” Mr. Badar told the conference. [1] There is a pretty good reason for that, like Robert Spencer has noted: “Because if you don’t adopt our values, eventually you will subvert the law. A nation of people without shared values will eventually collapse into dissolution and probably civil war.” [3] This also begs the question: if you don’t share the values of the country you are living in, why don’t you choose to live somewhere else? [14] This comment from the muslim community follow a backlash from many politicians and commentators to news last week that the principal of a Victorian primary school had excused Muslim students from singing Advance Australia Fair.


Mr Badar said the campaign by government and agencies against radicalisation was actually a smokescreen to “make Muslims less Islamic”. “It is nothing less than forced assimilation … sought to be justified by exaggerated fear of a security threat,” he said. Government efforts to promote what it bills as a moderate form of Islam might on occasion “buy out some Imam”, Mr Badar said, but overall, “the attempt to reform Islam is doomed to failure.” [3] The conference heard a series of members of the Muslim community, some by prerecorded audiovisual clips and some live from the floor — deliver testimonials of what they claimed was oppressive behaviour by officials against them as Muslims, at airports, in police raids, and in high security prisons.

The conference is just one example of the refusal of Muslims to assimilate to the countries that they choose to be a part of. Is it oppressive to ask that the community show pride and respect for their home? Apparently so. The irony of course is that while Muslims complain of assimilation, the teachings within the Koran preface to many just the opposite, and history has demonstrated throughout the ages, that devote practicing Muslims, in many cases when in the majority prefer subjugation rather than assimilation.

These are the exact same Muslim migrants that are coming to the U.S. in droves. There is no reason to assume that the results will be different here than they are with this case in Australia. Polls have shown repeatedly that Muslims do not hold a nations laws over Sharia law. [1] There’s of course an easy and obvious remedy in solving this issue of what Muslim’s consider “an oppressive campaign” of “forced assimilation”…that obvious remedy, “don’t migrate to those countries that expect you to assimilate”, it’s really that easy. [1]


Muslims Complain That The National Anthem Is ‘Oppressive’ And a Method of ‘Forced Assimilation’

Justin Trudeau Empowers Dual Citizenship MP’s While Australia Has BANNED Them.

Last year, 10 [Australian] MPs and senators were removed from office for violating a constitutional rule that prohibits federal political candidates from being dual nationals.

“Charter Breach!” screams uber-refugee pusher, NDP Immigration Critic, MP Jenny Kwan.

“Um…Jenny…this is in Australia--not Canada.”  Big difference, eh? As it happens, under the government of Justin Trudeau, 22 members of parliament hold dual citizenship. We name a few key players: MP’s Ahmed Hussen(Somalia), Iqra Khalid(Pakistan), Maryam Monsef(unknown), Omar Alghabra(Saudi Arabia). Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Canada and Australia share a number of similarities, but dual citizenship MP’s is not one of them. CAP recommendation: dual citizens are not permitted to hold federal public office.

“Charter Breach!” bellows uber-refugee pusher and former Somalian refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen.

What can one glean from this situation? CAP will inform: the person responsible for permitting–or perhaps more accurately– the person who makes it impossible to prevent dual citizenship MP’s, was Pierre Trudeau. What a shock this is.


Justin Trudeau Empowers Dual Citizenship MP’s While Australia Has BANNED Them.

What every person of color, and non-Asian woman, NEEDS to know about Asian white-worship, WMAF couples, Asian white-supremacy, half-Asians, and the looming threat of half-Asian mental problems and white supremacy (The Holtzclaw-Rodger Paradox) – from the son of a Nazi-sympathizer, and a Chinese woman.

What every person of color, and non-Asian woman, NEEDS to know about Asian white-worship, WMAF couples, Asian white-supremacy, half-Asians, and the looming threat of half-Asian mental problems and white supremacy (The Holtzclaw-Rodger Paradox) – from the son of a Nazi-sympathizer, and a Chinese woman.

"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, far-right, anti-social, anti-diversity, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian men marry "traditional, family oriented, submissive," extremely racist, abusive asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian - and hear "no asian guys", and have to deal with constant racism against asian men? An honest appraisal of self hatred and the frightening sociology of fetishes and their outcome.

I write this as a Eurasian that could probably, if I wanted to, turn my back on this, and pass as white – as my Asian family has told me to, and I did attempt this, but failed.

I went through a Neo-Nazi stage, because, frankly, my father was a Nazi, with a Chinese wife. The Chinese women in my family were and are openly pro-white.

Instead, I’m now just warning people about a dynamic you should have noticed decades ago. Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw were just the beginning; the new generation of Asians will have racist, loser white dads, and vicious Asian Tiger Moms.

They cannot be reasoned with, and will stop at nothing to obtain a “white” lifestyle; it is a combination of fierce, pragmatic Asian Tiger parenting, and white male supremacy and privilege – a deadly, deadly combination when considering that their children never look white.

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It’s Over For Black America!!


Anyone else find it funny how we have all these black females in the justice system (judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers) and yet, we still can’t obtain justice? I’ve been saying it: black lives won’t matter to anyone else until they matter to us first and this was a perfect example of that. To hell with black America. I ride for myself and other like minded, heterosexual black men. And I’m sure some scraggle daggles will use this to say, “them white girls will get you in trouble/killed”. Yeah, and you’ll be right there stroking their hair and handing out bibles to them. Salute, Kid.