Troy University halts all fraternity pledge activities after hazing allegations

Troy University has announced that all North American Interfraternity Conference fraternity pledge activities will cease until further notice.

This comes after Troy suspended Delta Kappa Epsilon for hazing violations. Delta Kappa Epsilon is the second fraternity suspended on campus in two weeks, the first being Sigma Chi.



The Delta Phi chapter of Delta Tau Delta fraternity at Florida State is under investigation for hazing allegations, the university confirmed Tuesday.

The national office of the fraternity suspended the chapter on Friday, said Amy Hecht, vice president for student affairs at FSU.

“The national organization of Delta Tau Delta on Friday suspended the Florida State University chapter of the fraternity pending the results of the organization’s investigation into allegations of hazing,” Hecht said in a statement to the Democrat. “FSU is also investigating and has mirrored the national organization’s suspension pending the completion of the investigation.”

University spokesman Dennis Schnittker said the hazing allegations also are being investigated by the FSU Police Department.

The university cannot release details of an ongoing investigation, he said.

 “The headquarters office of Delta Tau Delta is working with Florida State University, students and local alumni to investigate a possible violation of the fraternity’s risk management policy,” said Jean Lloyd, communications manager for the fraternity’s national office. “The fraternity will have no further comment until the investigation is complete.”

The suspension means that the chapter is not allowed to operate as a fraternity on the FSU campus and must cease all chapter operations and activities, Hecht said.

“Florida State has strong anti-hazing policies and does not tolerate hazing in any form,” she said.

The university has instituted several policies and guidelines to eliminate hazing following the Nov. 3, 2017 death of Pi Kappa Phi pledge Andrew Coffey, who died at an off-campus fraternity party after drinking a bottle of bourbon.



OXFORD, Ohio — Eighteen Miami University fraternity members accused of hitting, kicking and spitting on “pledges” have been charged with dozens of misdemeanors in Butler County, according to a grand jury report released Wednesday.

Their 64 cumulative charges are all either for assault or hazing. Most stand charged with more than one count of each.

The Journal-News reported all 18 are members of Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity banned from campus until at least 2029 in response to a new member’s report of violent hazing this spring.

In his May complaint, the new member wrote that he had been forced to drink and smoke to excess while blindfolded and that drunken senior members had beaten him with a spiked paddle during a mandatory “big/little” reveal party. He would later be hospitalized with a .231 blood alcohol level, per a university report.

Text logs between him and one of the senior


Ohio University ordered the school’s chapter of the ACACIA fraternity to halt all operational activities Monday, citing allegations of health and safety concerns. It is the second OU fraternity in 12 months to receive a cease-and-desist letter.

Ohio University ordered the school’s chapter of the ACACIA fraternity to halt all activities Monday, citing health and safety concerns of students.

The university issued a cease-and-desist letter to the fraternity after it received reports that the organization may have broken the school’s student code of conduct, said Carly Leatherwood, a university spokeswoman.

The letter was sent by Taylor Tackett, Ohio University’s assistant dean of students, to the chapter’s president, Colin Dedrick, and copied to the ACACIA national organization.

Tackett wrote that the chapter is not permitted to meet in any capacity. This includes “organizational meetings, meetings of the executive board, organizational programming, social events, philanthropic events and any trip or travel,” he wrote.

Any communication over social media or texting apps is also forbidden unless preapproved by Tackett.