NCCM Once Again Calling for Resignation of Conservative Candidate


Today, the National Council of Canadian Muslims once again are calling for the dropping of Conservative candidate Ghada Melek.  Below is their statement on a facebook post:

“We appreciate that all people can change. But when candidates express hateful views, apologies have to be directed towards the communities affected, not towards political parties.

That’s why we are continuing to call for Ghada Melek’s resignation.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer stated that if a Conservative candidate has made racist or homophobic comments in the past, he will stand by the candidate as long as they apologize and take responsibility for those comments.

But Ghada Melek’s apology doesn’t take responsibility.

“As a Coptic Christian, I know what my family and friends often endured under Morsi and the Brotherhood, and that passion may have got the best of me at times,” she said in a statement. “While these are almost entirely retweets from more…

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Young Black Boy Cusses Out Teacher – Single Black Mother Raised Scum Strikes Again

Young Black Boy Cusses Out Teacher – Single Black Mother Raised Scum Strikes Again

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Yep, this is the way that most black mothers raised their children. I remember when I was in school and uttering foul words not even close to what that boy said would’ve gotten my mouth washed out with soap immediately. Literally, I remember a few times being ordered to gaggle and spit out soapy water because of some things I said that were nowhere near this terrorist in training above.

You’ll notice that the black witch in the pink shirt on the opposite side of the room thought what the child said was funny, of course, this is the typical way in which black children are raised in black single mother households. Did you notice how it was a man who shouted “that’s not nice”. This is why women in general and black witches in particular have to be ruled and lorded over as they have a propensity to…

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