How To Deal With Disrespectful, Violent Harridans And Jezebels

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


I stated in Negro Wars the importance of immediately putting violent harridans and disrespectful Jezebels in their place lest they feed deeper into their emotions and begin taking their disrespect and violence to the next level. Now, simps such as D32018 will come out of the woodwork and immediately talk that “a man shouldn’t put his hands on a woman” or “you’re advocating violence against women” talk, however what muddy bootlickers like himself don’t realise is that once a woman begins resorting to disrespectful and violent behaviour, she has left the realm of womanhood, period.

Violence and disrespectful behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances, the fact of the matter is especially in the west certain contingents of women believe that they can maltreat men and get away with it and for the most part they do because too many men are in fear of the law and will…

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