Marriage Rate is Declining Because There’s a Shortage of “Economically Attractive” Unmarried Men, Says Study

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John Anderer posted an article titled ” Why Are Marriage Rates Down? Study Blames Lack Of ‘Economically-Attractive’ Men“… Maybe because most marriages end in divorce, courts treat father’s like second class citizens, and the laws are in favor of women? Maybe because men have lots to lose and little to gain? Maybe there is also a shortage of attractive women?

Has anyone read this article that’s been floating around? Anyways, I read the study and have a few funny remarks to share. The study is titled Mismatches in the Marriage Market by Lichter, Price, and Swigert.

Lichter, Price, and Swigert (2019) stated that there is a lack of “economically-attractive male” which is just a scientific way of saying that there is not enough men who make enough money for women to be attracted to. The funny thing is that these unmarried women made less money than unmarried men.


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#gamergate Private Messages Reveal DC Comics Writer Zoe Quinn’s Abusive Behavior During Relationship with Alec Holowka

As Marvel Comics and DC Comics writer Zoe Quinn maintains her radio silence in the wake of her allegations against and subsequent suicide of Night in the Woods developer Alec Holowka, further investigations into her claims have uncovered evidence that, contrary to her claims, Quinn may have been the abuser in their relationship.

After The Post Millennial’s Anna Slatz was granted access to Quinn’s currently-private Twitter account, she was approached by a fellow developer of Holowka’s who provided her with more information surrounding his relationship with Quinn. The developer, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of backlash, provided Slatz with “verified” private messages exchanged between said developer and Holowka which depict Quinn not as an outright victim, but also responsible for a fair amount of abuse herself. (Related: Marvel Comics Writer Zoe Quinn’s Allegations Against Alec Holowka Called Into Question by New Evidence of Inconsistencies in Initial Claims)


The messages provided to Slatz are dated August 18th, 2014, two days following the infamous Zoe Post, written by Quinn’s ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni, that served as the catalyst for the GamerGate movement. On this date, according to text messages, Holowka had been “trying to talk to friends about [Quinn’s behavior] for a couple years” and was “confused by the people who are angry about this being shared.” Holowka even indicated that he had “thought about sharing my story with her a few times but was always scared to” because “there’s so much backlash if you go into that area.”

Holowka also describes an emotionally abusive incident in which he and Quinn had attended a social event where Quinn proceeded to become highly intoxicated, continually flirt with another woman despite denying her interest to Holowka, and “freaked out” at Holowka for suggesting that Quinn could avoid these situations if she reigned in her flirtations.


While Quinn’s accusations claim that her time spent visting Holowka in Winnipeg included being “physically confined,” “slowly isolated,” “scared to leave,” and “scared to tell anyone,” direct messages show that Holowka was “so in love with her” and attempted to improve their relationship as he “suggested we go to couple’s counseling” while Quinn failed to take personal responsibility for her role in the deteriorating relationship.

Private Messages Reveal DC Comics Writer Zoe Quinn’s Abusive Behavior During Relationship with Alec Holowka

Christians in Burkina Faso face options: ‘Flee, convert or die’

YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon – Christians in Burkina Faso are being forced to “flee, convert or die” by Islamic jihadists, according to a leading Catholic aid charity.

Burkina Faso’s government said on Monday that suspected extremists have carried out two attacks killing a total of 29 people.

One attack Sunday on the Dablo-Delbo road killed at least 14 civilians, while another 15 people were killed when a truck hit an explosive device on the road between Barsalogho and Guendbila in Sanmatenga province.


Islamic extremist violence has increased this year in Burkina Faso’s north and east near its Mali border. Hundreds have been killed in the attacks and thousands have fled.

However, Christians have been especially targeted. In June, seven Christians were killed by jihadists in a targeted attack in the northern town of Bani. The victims were searched for “signs of Christianity,” such as Bibles or crosses, before they were killed.

“Not only do the governments of nations like Burkina Faso need to be more protective of Christians and other minorities, but the international community needs to take decisive measures to end international terrorist financing and cross boarder transfers of weapons and militants,” Clancy said.


Burkina Faso is a Muslim-majority nation, but has a significant Christian minority, making up around 10 to 20 percent of the population. Most of the Christians are Catholics, and the country has 3 archdioceses and 12 dioceses.

The West African country used to have relatively good interfaith relations, with Christians and Muslims living together in peace. Since 2015, the situation has changed significantly: Jihadist groups that were previously active in neighboring Mali have gradually infiltrated Burkina Faso, and attacks have been increasing.

According to the Barnabas Fund, at least 56 Christians were killed by jihadists in a series of attacks between April and June.

There are a variety of Islamist groups active in the country, including the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Jama’a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin, the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, and the home-grown Ansaroul Islam.

While these groups attack state symbols like military targets, schools and healthcare facilities, their targets of choice have been Christian churches.

Churches have been attacked in Soum, Dablo, Toulfé and Zimtenga since April 2019, and the parish priest of Djibo, Father Joël Yougbaré, was kidnapped in March.

On August 4, militants killed three Christians in attacks on Protestant and Catholic churches in Tialboanga. The town is in the eastern Tapoa Province, sparking fears that the insurgency is spreading from the north.

“In countries like Burkina Faso and Niger, the modus operandi is to create an atmosphere of fear and to undermine any civil authority that might exist. Interreligious tensions are exacerbated to the point of violence. This will help undo the cultural and social fabric of societies and people will be forced to seek extreme measures in order to survive. Because Christians are in the minority, they are the easy and prime target as jihadists want to rid the world of all faiths except their own particular distortion of religion,” Clancy told Crux.

Clancy blamed the rise of jihadist terrorism on conflicts taking place beyond Burkina Faso’s borders.

“The rise in jihadist terrorism across Africa has its roots in the collapse of Libya in 2011. With that and the battle experience gained by jihadist terrorists in places like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, there are now many trained, armed and motivated extremists able to spread fear and unrest through West Africa,” he said.

Last month, Bishop Laurent Dabiré of Dori, the president of the bishops’ conference of Burkina Faso and Niger, called on the global community to step in and help.

“If the world continues to do nothing, the result will be the elimination of the Christian presence,” he said in an appeal published Aug. 1 by Aid to the Church in Need.

“They’ve slowly moved into the interior of our country, attacking the army, civil structures and the people,” he said, speaking of the jihadist groups. “Today their main target appears to be Christians. I believe they are trying to trigger an interreligious conflict.”

The bishop blamed outside actors for supplying the jihadist groups.

“The weapons they are using were not made here in Africa,” Dabiré said. “They have rifles, machine guns and so much ammunition, more than the Burkina Faso army has at its disposal. When they come to the villages they shoot for hours. Who is supplying them with these resources? If they were not getting this support from outside, they would have to stop. That’s why I’m appealing to the international authorities. Whoever has the power to do so, may they put a stop to all this violence!”

Clancy told Crux that if the jihadist influence is not stopped in the region, then “poor countries with unstable and/or corrupt governments will easily become very dangerous places for the Christian faithful as well as for Muslims who are not aligned with the jihadist philosophy.”

Christians in Burkina Faso face options: ‘Flee, convert or die’

No One Will Tell You These 33 Facts About Crime Against Men

The Male Factor


  1. Andhra Pradesh was ranked 4th in terms of the number of dowry death cases filed (599) in 2011 after UP, Bihar, and MP, But 87% cases where the trial was completed in the yr the accused were found to be innocent.
  2. Andhra Pradesh was ranked 2nd in terms of the number of 498a cases filed (13376) in the yr 2011, but in 88% cases where the trial was concluded in the year, the accused were found not guilty.
  3. Andhra Pradesh ranks #1 in terms of the number of cases filed under Dowry Prohibition Act in 2011, but in 94% cases where the trial was completed in the year, the accused were found non-guilty.
  4. Any unnatural death within seven years of marriage is termed and recorded as dowry death.
  5. For each Dowry Death case (IPC 304B) reported in 2011, there were 2.9 persons arrested out of which…

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They’re Still Up To No Good – Yet Another Delivery

They’re Still Up To No Good – Yet Another Delivery

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Here we go with the next delivery. As per usual black women love using cars as weapons, whenever you have an angry black female behind the wheel, be sure to move out of reach because she will not hesitate to run you over. We’ve seen this happen so many times before, black women as a collective are killing machines, they already engage in killing children inside and outside of the womb on the regular, you better believe they will not hesitate to kill you if you rub them up the wrong way:

Remember when I released my two part series on black women and their smelly vaginas as a result of them having little to no sexual hygiene standards, the first article in April 2017 and the second just last month?

Well, look like we’ve got another case of a black female going around with a putrid cooch…

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