Black Women Have Learned Nothing From Their Mistakes Of The Past – They Want Black Society To Continue In The Gutter

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


That particular clip comes from this old CBS news report, the entirety of which can be seen below:

It is blatantly obvious that black women have learned nothing from the mistakes of the past and in reality they do not desire for anything to change within black society for the better. They enjoy sucking on the breasts of big government and would have it no other way. As has been talked about numerous times by many, black women themselves couldn’t wait to remove black men from the home and substitute fatherless home welfare policies and feminism in their place.

Even back in 1973 as the black woman in the video stated, black girls as young as 12 were getting pregnant which as far as I am concerned goes to prove the point I’ve made in the past concerning black women as a collective being sexually depraved beasts and deviants

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