Really?? Where Are Your Standards Bruh?

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Meanwhile, somewhere in Africa


Linkybaba, where you at bruh, are these the kind of chicks you dudes in Africa are swooning after and seeking marriage from? In marrying any woman she’ll be the one to take on board YOUR last name, however we unfortunately have men especially black men who are still on this feminism/worship the woman nonsense. This is exactly what getting down on one knee signifies, that the woman is over you and as a result she is to be exalted above yourself as the man even though the man at minimum by observing nature itself is supposed to be the head of the woman.

I understand that many of these passport hating Negroes who have managed to get themselves black women have compromised heavily in many areas, the chick above represents your typical black female in 2019 world-wide especially in the US and UK, gutterface, overweight…

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