Girls Volleyball Coach Rejects School District’s Transgender Inclusion Policy

One girls volleyball coach in Hawaii is standing up to the Hawaii High School Athletic Association’s (HHSAA) policy allowing male students to participate in female sporting activities so long as they self-identify as the opposite gender.

According to LifeSiteNews, the HHSAA adopted a policy in 2017 declaring that students are “presumed eligible to participate in HHSAA activities in a manner consistent with their school registration records, even if that differs from the sex assigned at birth.” Earlier this month, that policy culminated in a biological suiting up for the Kamehameha Schools Maui girls team at the volleyball opener in Pukalani. Though most officials associated with the HHSAA either supported the student’s inclusion or declined to comment on it, one girls volleyball coach — who wished to remain anonymous — told Maui News said the league puts young women at an “elevated level of risk.”

“In my opinion, it’s very irresponsible for the league to place these young women, who are minors, in an elevated level of risk,” the coach said. “They all sign off on an assumption of risk form for an understandable amount of risk. Now, there’s an elevated level of risk their daughters are going through and being put through without any notification to the parents at all.”

The coach added that he takes no issue with the boy wanting to be whom he wishes and only cares about the girls’ safety. “I have no problem with the kid being who (they) want to be, but now these girls are being put in an unsafe situation without giving the parents the opportunity to make an educated decision on whether they want their daughter in that position,” he said.

Other athletic officials were less honest about the boy suiting up for an all-female game, which he did not play this time around.

“I’m not going to say anything about our transgender athlete,” Kamehameha Maui athletic director Jon Viela told Maui News.

Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker Continues to Receive Death Threats in Canada

Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker Continues to Receive Death Threats in Canada


In May and July of this year, we posted a story about Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been continually harassed and threatened since seeking asylum in Canada. You can read the stories here and here.
He continues to receive threats on a regular basis. The screen shot below was sent early August prior to Eid,  the second and third shots were sent as late as yesterday. Below each screenshot is a rough translation of the text.
hani 4
In the above message: we will kill you and make your filthy Christian blood be on streets
you are lucky because we did not kill you until now
You have to drop your case against kuwait or we will kill you
You are lucky because we did not kill you last time when you was in hospital
we will use a bomb and kill you
And kill  those who are with you 

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They Know Exactly Why We’re Leaving Them – Don’t Get Hoodwinked

They Know Exactly Why We’re Leaving Them – Don’t Get Hoodwinked

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Remember, back in September 2016 I released an article that went semi viral entitled Black Men Walk Away From Black Women – 12 Good Reasons Why. In this article I gave just 12 of many reasons why black men with sense and intelligence ought to be walking away from this modern day black female and instead seeking out love and companionship elsewhere.

These were and still are the most common complaints concerning black women put forward by many black men. If you check out the comment section of that article you’ll notice that what was presented didn’t go down too well with the angry and bitter black sisterhood as well as their simp drone flunkies. However, black female dysfunction due to black women themselves advertising it is now way out in the open and way out of pocket, it can no longer be ignored.

The overwhelming majority of…

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